Authors Showcase: About Three Authors by Patti Roberts


The Book: About Three Authors

The Author: Patti Roberts

The Story: “WHOEVER SAID LOVE WAS EASY?” Not Becky Jensen!

BECKY JENSEN’S FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE: I hate cancer! I hate my cheating boyfriend! I hate my best friend! I Hate Christmas!

When Becky Jensen’s mother died on Christmas Eve a year ago, Becky stopped believing in Christmas.

When Becky’s father remarried four weeks ago, Becky stopped believing in family. An hour ago, when Becky caught her boyfriend kissing her best friend, Becky stopped believing in love.

Heartbroken, Becky makes a wish that changes her life forever…

The very next day, she is boarding a plane at Heathrow airport and flying halfway across the world to interview three authors living in Australia.

The Authors, all friends since their twenties, are now in their fifties. Not only does Becky learn about the lives of these three incredible women, she also learns a lot about herself.

Becky also discovers that all families have their secrets, and hers is no exception.

About Patti Roberts:

Patti Roberts
Patti Roberts

I’ve just finished my new book About Three Authors – holiday romance/drama, so I really hope you check it out. I always look forward to hearing readers thoughts, so your reviews are always very much appreciated.

So… Another big year ahead for me. 2015 will see the release of book 5 in the Witchwood novella series – Witches Bitches. And also another installment in the very popular Paradox series titled Elemental. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Patti.

PATTI ROBERTS was born in Brisbane Australia but soon moved to Darwin in the Northern Territory. Her son Luke was born in 1980. Patti now lives in Cairns, Queensland where she is writing the Paradox Series of books. Patti is currently working on a new teen series, Witchwood Estate, which is being published as episodic, short story fiction.

Patti also designs book covers and trailers for authors in her spare time, and it is her wish to one day own and operate a writers retreat in FNQ Australia.

Review by Chandy:

Been trying to think for a couple of days on how to write this review. One, I wanted it to do this wonderful story justice and two I didn’t want to be a spoiler.

Patti Roberts is an amazing story teller and although this is a departure from her usual paranormal type of book, it was still wonderful.

About Three Authors centers around Becky, a girl who used to love Christmas but a few turn of events has made this holiday nothing to celebrate. She is given a chance of a lifetime to go to Australia for work and interview three authors and their grand opening of a writer’s retreat.

From the beginning of this I was immediately drawn into this story and felt my heart breaking right along with Becky. Throughout the story my emotions felt as though they were being tugged, yes I even got upset with Becky and a few other times her and the other characters made me cry.

Patti Roberts has the ability to draw you into her stories. She writes with descriptions that transport you there when you close your eyes, her characters are all thought out and very believable. She brings you into the story so well that you feel invested in each person and place, as though you could possibly go there and visit with them.

Although this isn’t her usual paranormal type of story it is still well worth the read. I know I will be reading it again and again, but the next time I will have tissues ready because About Three Authors will grab you by your heart and soul. You will LOVE this story!!

Review by Dandelion Wishes:

Becky’s life is fractured. First by her mother getting sick(pancreatic cancer). Then by her mother’s death from the stupid cancer on Christmas of all days. Next her father brings around Felicity(her fathers much younger secretary) and introduces her as his new girlfriend! It doesn’t seem like it could get worse for her until Felicity becomes her new stepmother(not even a year after her mother died). She thinks nothing worse could happen… But boy is she wrong! Is her relationship with Roger even going anywhere? Why has her best friend being so odd around her lately? Will she ever feel alive again?

Filled with family secrets and betrayals this memoiresqe contemporary romance is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! This is the story of Becky’s journey to deal with the grief of losing her mother and the implosion of her world while finally learning to let go and learn to live again! It was heartbreaking and uplifting all the while being fully entrancing at the same time.

The stream of consciousness writing is very well done and while it takes a bit to get used to was the very beat form for this book to take! I can’t wait to see what Patti writes next! I will definitely be reading it… No matter what genre or form it takes!

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