Authors Showcase: The suspense of Dee Ann Waite and S. L. Partington

The Book: The Consequential Element

The Author: Dee Ann Waite

TCE-BkCvr.3x4The Story: When Danni Montgomery – a survivor of a rebel raid on an African village fifteen years earlier – had been rescued from the grips of Obasanji, the rebel leader of that army, she’d thought she’d lost her soul forever. Now, a new fear lurks within the confines of her world. Danni receives a cryptic letter written by her uncle Roland, her only living relative, who has mysteriously disappeared somewhere deep within the African Congo.

The letter speaks of a fantastic discovery, one that will change the fate of the troubled United States from China’s imminent attack. A rare earth element known as Promethium, the missing element needed for the completion of Viper 6, an unprecedented stealth missile that will shift the position of world leader back to the United States.

Now, Danni is leading a team of mercenaries of her own, led by the charming and all-too-perfect Kayden Moreau, on a journey into the harsh, remote corners of the Congo. A journey where Danni makes a phenomenal discovery of her own. While searching for her uncle and his remarkable find, Danni comes face to face with the demon of her nightmares, and learns he is the only one who can help find her uncle and save her country. Consumed by hatred, Danni must make a choice: in order to secure the safety of her uncle and the fate of the United States, she must decide if she will forgive the man who murdered her mother and changed her life forever, or will her desire for revenge prove stronger than she can bear…

About the Author: Dee Ann Waite was born in Fall River, Massachusetts and grew up in a small town named Somerset; a town she relates to Stephen King’s Derry, Maine. A town where the people are pleasant, the landscape well maintained, and dark secrets are kept. She currently resides along the central east coast of Florida. She released her debut novel THE CONSEQUENTIAL ELEMENT in June, and is slotted to release her second novel MISTS OF BAYOU RHYNE in November, 2013. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and grandchildren, horseback riding, and nature. She owns a pet photography business and branches out her love for photography by visiting the Everglades and swamps in search of alligators and exotic birds. When at home, she cherishes a chilled glass of wine while sitting in her garden with her dog Dodger.

Review by J. W. Anderson: Dee Ann Waite’s The Consequential Element was a tour de force. I was hooked from the first page. I enjoyed reading the book mostly because the characters were so well-developed and enjoyable to read that I felt like I knew them. What I also liked about the book was that it not only had great characters, but an amazing storyline that was filled with drama and suspense. I found it to be hard to put down once I picked it up.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a great read! Five Stars!!!

Review by Michael: I do love the story through and through! The characters are authentic and strong. Many aspects of the story resemble bits and pieces of what we hear everyday in the news. China and the CIA’s worldwide activities as well as the historically common use of mercenaries or today’s PMC’s in Africa. The author brought me into different worlds where I FELT something and moved me to want to help. Yes I was rooting for the good guys but even felt for the bad ones. A hint of romance, dare I say, was in there too! In the end it’s all GOOD! It’s a book that’s gonna stay on my mind for a long long time!

Review by Donald Worthen: I loved reading The Consequential Element. The fast paced intrigue and action held my attention and once I began to read the book I found it difficult to put down. I felt the characters and plot were well formed and well written. The setting of the story, the Dominican Republic of the Congo and Botswana, the view into the Congolese Rebels’ Army of Children, and the creepy crawlies of the jungle, for me, heighten the intrigue.. It is well written, well researched and well worth the read. 

The Book: The Assassin Journals: Hunter

The Author: S. L. Partington

huntercover2The Story:  Hired killers can’t afford a conscience – it’s bad for business.

Assassin, Gage Brassan, is having a very bad year. An unexpected attack of conscience, an old girlfriend’s betrayal, and a trip to prison are the catalysts for an explosion of memory that remind him of his military past and a promise left unfulfilled. With the help of Jak, a Rigian street kid, and Joanna Travis, the sister of an old army buddy, Gage attempts to unravel the truth behind the execution of the elite Special Forces unit he once commanded. As he follows the blood trail from its beginnings in the war-torn Androsian system, and into the highest echelons of the Galactic Security Force and the corrupt halls of the Rigian People’s Palace, he must outwit the criminal organization he has betrayed as he struggles to protect his estranged father from the bloody, emotional, fall-out of a life gone wrong.

He knows the answers are out there. The trick will be living long enough to find them.

About the Author: S.L. Partington is a multi-genre author who is most comfortable writing Fantasy and Science Fiction.  Book one of her science fiction/adventure series The Assassin Journals: Hunter is currently available from World Castle Publishing, with book two entitled The Assassin Journals: The Cartel scheduled to be released soon.   She lives in Alberta Canada and is the proud mother of a grown son currently serving in the Canadian military.

You can reach her via her website: or Follow her on Facebook:

Review: Gage Brassan, A.K.A. the Hunter, is a successful assassin. He has a reputation for being the best at what he does and gets paid well. He brushes elbows with the elite–mostly when he is commissioned to shoot one of them–and the bottom dwellers of the various planets he visits. But his interstellar business dealings are halted by a confluence of bad luck. His conscience acts upon his last job, an ex-girlfriend sets him up, and then a massacre he witnessed as a soldier rises to haunt him. Along the way, he has the help of several old friends, like the sister of a fallen brother in arms, and makes new ones, like the Rigian street urchin Jak. He sets out to settle old debts and after waiting six long years, nothing will stand in his way to getting to the truth.

At his initial introduction, Gage Brassan seems to be a hardened criminal with well-honed killing skills. He curses frequently, drinks hard liquor and can size up any man in seconds. However, beneath the hard surface lie secrets that have remained unanswered for years, and memories of his fellow soldiers being massacred during an assignment on Andros Prime. Most importantly, the death of his close friend and member of his team, Danny Travis, haunts him. While not being revolutionary thematically, these traumas give Gage an impetus for moving forward throughout the book and give him emotional depth. And it helps to prove this character was once an honorable man with ambition, thus enabling the reader to more easily sympathize with his violent choices. Otherwise, the high body count achieved by the hero in this book would seem somewhat psychotic rather than justified.

As for the science fiction elements, the author, S.L. Partington, mostly keeps to the conventions of the genre–space stations, laser guns, strange new drugs. There is a governing body, the Galactic Federation, but planets act under their own governments within the Federation. Some are rife with corruption and crime, like Rigis Prime where Gage is at the beginning of the novel, others are war-torn like the Androsian system. But to classify this book as straight science fiction would be a mistake. In fact, this novel is more of a future noir, and Partington ably weaves in such elements as first-person narration, femme fatales, seedy crime lords, and urbanized settings. Partington constructs a complex narrative, with many intersecting characters and plot points.

This is an entertaining book. Violent and just raunchy enough, this book offers readers sci-fi themes with a great mix of noir. Due to the language and some material, this book is best suited for adults, especially those who love interstellar adventures.



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