Authors Showcase: The Queen’s Tea by Marvin S. Mayer

Front Cover Compressed

The Book: The Queen’s Tea

The Author: Marvin Mayer

The Story: You are commanded to appear at the Royal Rose Garden for the purpose of meeting Her Royal Highness, the Queen of the Tyler Rose Festival, together with the members of her Royal Court. “Tea” and “crumpets” will be served.

Through the medium of this book, experience the excitement of a six-year old as she prepares for and attends “The Queen’s Tea.” Smell the aroma of countless roses as you “stroll” through the garden on your way to meet the queen.

‘Twill be a party your young one will remember the rest of his/her life!

About Marvin Mayer:

Marvin Mayer
Marvin Mayer

Marvin Mayer, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, began writing children’s books when he retired from a career in banking, bank regulation, and financial management. Almost immediately, he enrolled in a “Writing For Children and Teenagers” correspondence course offered by the Connecticut based Institute of Children’s Literature.

Now residing in the piney woods of East Texas, Marvin is treasurer and an active member of East Texas Writers Guild (“ETWG.”) Also an active volunteer, he can be found interacting with children at or for the Tyler Public Library’s “Book Buddy” program, serving as a data entry volunteer at Smith County Historical Society, and working behind the scenes during Mission Week at his church.  For Stephen F. Austin State University’s Heritage Center, Marvin, writing about Smith County, TX submitted and had several articles published on the Heritage Center’s “blog.”

The Queen’s Tea is Marvin’s first book produced by White Bird Publishing, and his fifth overall children’s book to be published since his retirement.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

I have a three-year-old granddaughter whose imagination hardly ever changes.

She likes castles.

She likes faraway and magical places.

She likes pomp and circumstance although she has no idea what pomp and circumstance are.

She loves tea parties.

She wants to be a princess.

That’s all about to change.

After hearing The Queen’s Tea by Marvin Mayer, her dreams are different from the ones she used to have

The book is vibrant.

It’s fun.

It’s bright.

And she no longer wants to be a princess.

A queen will do just fine.


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