Authors Showcase: The Nano Experiment by Richard Brawer


The Book: The Nano Experiment

The Author: Richard Brawer

The Story: At fifteen, Eileen Robinson lives in an ideal, middle class African-American family in Houston, Texas. When her father is murdered, an innocent victim in a drive by shooting, her sheltered life spirals downward into gloom.

Her once stay-at-home mother is forced to go to work cleaning offices at night. Instead of enjoying her carefree teenage years hanging with her friends, Eileen is relegated to babysitting her two younger sisters.

One night she sneaks out on them. Trying to cook something, they die in a fire.

Tormented and wanting to kill herself, Eileen runs away from home. Befriended by a drug dealer, she moves in with him. At twenty-one she is a single mother of two, falsely convicted of killing a state senator’s son. At thirty-two she is executed. Or is she?


“A fast paced thriller”

“Thought provoking”

“Twisting Action”

“Spirited Prose”

“Authentic Dialogue”

“A sympathetic Character”

“A strong female Protagonist”

“A Real Winner”

“A Dam Good Story”

About Richard Brawer:

Richard Brawer
Richard Brawer

Becoming an author was the last thing Richard Brawer thought he would do. After graduating the University of Florida and a six months basic training tour in the National Guard, Richard worked in the curtain and linen area of the textile industry in New York City. The company he worked for went out of business in 1973 so he and his wife took a gamble and opened a home decorator store which they ran successfully until they retired in 1999.

Always having a vivid imagination Richard would occasionally come across a newspaper article that would cause him to wonder, what would happen if―? Working 60 to 70 hours a week at his business, Richard didn’t do anything with his inquisitiveness until he read a horrendous article about child that was born with brain damage and the father refused to take him home from the hospital.

The father thought he could return the child like a “jar of mayonnaise” he bought in a store. The nurses were outraged and their disgust was quoted in the article. That’s when Richard’s imagination took over and he asked himself, “What if the child was misdiagnosed?”

With mysteries being his favorite genre to read, Richard took that thought and began making notes. The notes turned into paragraphs and the paragraphs into chapters. Thus his first mystery, The Nurse Wore Black was born. From there Richard went on to write three more mysteries, an historical fiction novel, two thrillers and is working on his eighth novel.

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