Authors Showcase: The intriguing short fiction of Gale Minchew and Kayla Curry

Authors Showcase is celebrating a vibrant new trend in publishing, the art of short fiction. The books are generally too long to be considered short stories and too short to be considered novels. Yet they provide that refreshing opportunity to read an intriguing story in one quick sitting, and short fiction possesses the power and impact for the story to stay with you for a long time.

The Book: Shadows of the Past

The Author: Gale Minchew

ref=sib_dp_kd-3The Story: ANALISE ISN’T LIKE OTHER TEENAGERS…She travels in her sleep. She talks to angels. Spirits are drawn to her pureness of heart. She can see and hear what others cannot, or perhaps that which they simply refuse to acknowledge. Her life has never been typical…until she showed up on Rose Michael’s doorstep.

But, her senior year in high school has been anything but predictable. She met an unlikely friend. She managed to tangle with some mean girls at school. And, her dreams revealed details of a startling mystery that led her into the world of a handsome stranger who helped uncover the identity of a malevolent entity that haunted her.

Although she still has much to learn about her gifts, she can’t help but dwell on some haunting secrets of her own. In her memoir, Analise takes you deep inside her chaotic, and somewhat surprising, childhood as she attempts to uncover long buried gifts, triumph over the darkness that surrounds her, and finally dispel the Shadows of the Past.

The Book: Shadows of Deception

The Author: Gale Minchew

ref=sib_dp_kd-4The Story: Like Analise Michaels, Nicholas Zahn can travel in his sleep and communicate with angels. But, he didn’t have these abilities from birth…he acquired them and many other abilities when he died…and then came back to life.

Shortly after his near-death experience at the age of five, Nicholas could see people around him who were on the cusp of death. He heard other people’s thoughts. His abilities brought him to the attention of the police and local media, which in turn brought him to the attention of some less desirable organizations.

Only a few weeks after his sixth birthday, Nicholas was abducted by a covert agency. He has spent his life in a string of educational facilities receiving training in an array of skills: remote viewing, astral travel, mind control, physical combat, weaponry, psychic development and protection …everything a young boy needs.

In his memoir, Nicholas reflects on some of his experiences in the midst of the powerful reunion between Analise and her biological mother. Their reunion stirs some deep longing within him and he finally uncovers the truth that lay hidden within the shadows of deception.

Review by Holly P.: Shadows of Deception, is a memoir from the Shadows of Destiny Saga. Once again, Author Gale Minchew delivers.

Finally a story about Nicolas! His life of deception resulting from a covert agency due to psychic development. From inter knowing, remote viewing, astral projection, you will learn the ties that bind him to Analise.

Highly recommended! Can’t wait until the next book is released!

Suggestion to readers: Acquire the complete Saga! Shadows of Destiny, Shadows of Past, Shadows of Truth, and then read Shadows of Deception. You won’t be disappointed!

ref=sib_dp_kd-5The Book: Journey in an Unknown Land

The Author: Kayla Curry

The Story: A troop goes into a land they’ve only heard of to gather food for their families. Little do they know the stories they’ve heard don’t do it justice.

The land is terrifying and strange with danger lurking beyond every corner. Will they survive this fateful trip?

Review by Jacob: This is a great short story about a group out foraging for their people.

They are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, and their journey shows the reader their determination for survival and a lens of perspective that I think all those who read will be pleasantly surprised by.

The Book: Falling Leaves

The Author: Kayla Curry

ref=sib_dp_kd-6The Story: A woman finds a special leaf that leads her to a magical and mysterious place. Will she believe what she sees when she finally gets there?

Will she decide to stay?

Review by Tuan Ho: Who knew a story about leaves and a Frenchman could be so compelling?

Reading this story stimulated my thoughts about leaves so much that I’ll probably walk to the nearest tree sometime this week and pick up a leaf and stare at it until the sun sets and the leaf’s eternal knowledge and experience upon this planet is transferred into my brain and heart like two lovers engaged in orgasmic joy.

I must commend the author because stories that can change the way you look an everyday object — in this case, a leaf — really deserve all the praise.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and look forward to more from Kayla Curry.

Review by Jacob: FALLING LEAVES was an interesting read that drew me through from one page to the next. Kayla Curry created a concept that instilled an element of suspense that all successful authors employ, wanting to know what’s next.

The version of the story I read seemed to be wrapped up too quickly at the end. All in all, I would recommend this short story to others.

I liked the overall story and enjoyed the read. I always know that when I grab one of her titles, I’m going to enjoy it.





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