Authors Showcase: The insights of Gisela Hausmann and Beca Lewis

The Book: Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives

The Author: Gisela Hausmann

513U9d9iIpL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-64,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: Don’t all of us envy cats?

Cats seem to have everything under control: They eat when they want to eat, they sleep when they want to sleep, and – they always get the window seat.

Cats are successful in achieving things “their” way. In ancient Egypt cats were even worshiped as goddesses.

Cats’ success principles work for all. See them in this ebook.

Also download it to your iPhone to brighten your day.

Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives is a life-skills ebook with cat pictures. It provides 24 ridiculously simple concepts to live by and is about having the right attitude.

Review by Charles Ashbacher: This is a book for cat lovers, the main character and “author” is a cat named Artemis, named for the Greek God of the hunt. It is composed of 24 simple statements about life such as:

*) You are the ruler of your destiny: show that you know.
*) Choose the work you love – succeed by working hard: by day.
*) Play regularly and have fun; if need be upside down.

A photo of the star appears associated with each statement and Artemis is always in an environment appropriate for the point of the statement. For example, Artemis is looking through a bookshelf in the statement about seeking knowledge. All of the images are definitely cute and Artemis is clearly a ham, always striking the right pose for the camera and the situation. The advice is solid and you will see a budding media star if you read this book.

Review by Grady Harp: With a little introduction to Artemis the cat from sensitive author Gisela Hausmann, we are off an running through a book of image pleasures in photographs of Artemis, Hausmann’s cat, and words of wisdom that become far more wise because they come from a lovable animal.

But before reviewing this gook by Gisela Hausmann I’d like to share a lingering opinion written in a review of her very important previous boo NAKED DETERMINATION (a must read!): `But I stray from reviewing a book, having become so attached to the writer through her many adventures and shared lessons. The point behind Gisela Hausmann’s putting this book in our hands (rather our eyes, as it hasn’t been printed as yet) is to offer succor and reassurance that if she can survive and triumph in the incidents she relates so well, then it follows that we each can, too.

And the pleasure of reading her NAKED DETERMINATION is a heavy dollop of good hearted hugs you can feel right through the stories and the follow-up thoughts and paste-it notes she leaves for us. We really feel we know her – partly because she peppers her book with photographs that add warmth to the cycle of learning. She becomes our friend, and where better to find advice for making it through another struggle?’ Gisela Hausmann writes authentic, straightforward books and WHY DO CATS HAVE NINE LIVES is no exception.

Hausmann take photos of Artemis and then matches some wise concepts that the photo’s attitude suggests, statements like `You are the ruler of your destiny: Show that you know’ (the photo is Artemis full in control of the chair which indicates a vantage of empowerment); `Be fearless! Go out on a limb – that is where the bird is’ (Artemis is in a tree with a definite plan to pounce look); `Search for knowledge! Find what you love! (Artemis is pondering book choices from a spot on the bookshelf); `Follow your instincts and you’ll never be afraid’ (Artemis in the garden pawing the tail of a little snake, considering attack…or not).

And so it goes. There are twenty-four photos and accompanying bits of wisdom. It works beautifully, both as a book to read if you love cats and as a way to introduce philosophy to youngsters and to yourself! After all, if these concepts provide nine lives for cats, just ponder the possibilities of digesting these ideas. Keep you eye on Gisela Hausmann – she is a grounded philosopher of the day.

The Book: Living in Grace

The Author: Beca Lewis

51Zw7ZivZIL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-52,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: If you are tired of fooling around with material-based thinking that only puts Band-Aids on problems, and if you are ready to choose spiritual perception and the spiritual solution, than Living In Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception is the answer.

In this book, I will guide you through powerful-proven-practical-perception-shifting exercises and personally teach you useful tools for shifting anytime, anywhere, and any situation.

You will find yourself restudying the book over and over again because each time your perception shifts you will experience greater insight into Reality.

Living In Grace, provides practical tools like The 7 Steps To Shift and an eight step-by-step system based on the word GRACIOUS, which makes the necessary process of perception-shifting easy to remember and simple to use.

Chapter by chapter, the reader is taken on an inner journey that encourages her to achieve her goals, and in so doing, lead a spiritual life. This book will be a constant companion for every advanced or beginning student of spirituality. It provides answers about the nature of God, and his children, for every honest seeker of Truth simply and elegantly.

Review by Midwest Book Review: Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis is an impressively written and nicely organized self-help guide to achieving inner peace and wholeness through taking control of one’s perceptions.

Living In Grace features the “7 Keys to Grace” and the “8 Gracious Steps” for staying on the “Spiritual Path”. Readers are informed on a range of abilities from experience love, knowing whom to trust, being happy, and knowing what to do, to feeling safe, avoiding unnecessary worry, and being comforted in adversity. Emphasizing the importance of putting God first and repenting of sins, as well as being aware of the necessity for balance in all relationships, Living In Grace is a profound, moving, constructive, “reader friendly” instructional guide to personal and spiritual self-improvement.

Review by Sunnymusic: Whether you’re sitting on top of the world or down in the dumps, deeply spiritual or wandering lost in doubt, rich beyond belief or wondering where your next meal is coming from, there is something in this book for you: a way to shift your point of view to live life to the hilt, unencumbered by negative thought and the worries

you’ve always considered the natural consequences of living life on Earth. Living In Grace is a practical guide to finding the good in everything you experience and everyone you meet, helping you turn the events and relationships in your life into positive building blocks on the road to your becoming the happy, creative person you’ve always wanted to be.

Review by Rosemary Sarafin: Shifting with Beca has been a life altering experience. She gave me the tools to help me define why I am here and to help me experience only the beauty of living a purposeful life. Everyone desires to live in truth.

I believe we all desire to shift in all areas of our life to really Live in Grace and this book leads you there. This book is a complete guide in helping you stay in true shifting. It’s a book you’ll want to refer to again and again. Happy Shifting!

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