Authors Showcase: The Blackest Night by Jenny Hilborne


The Book: The Blackest Night

The Author: Jenny Hilborne

The Story: Thirteen years ago, William Law went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Six years after his release, he is still struggling to put his life back together.

Despite losing everything, he has his innocence…and his hope of reconnecting with his wife. But life takes another bad turn on the night he is attacked in an alleyway. With the real perpetrator now behind bars, is the violent encounter connected to Law’s former incarceration or to his release?

Meanwhile, Homicide inspector Mac Jackson is leading inquiries in a murder investigation. When he receives an anonymous phone call with some startling information, he learns that one crime is connected to another, and that the wrongfully convicted ex-con might be the only person who can lead him to the truth.

About Jenny Hilborne:

Jenny_Hilborne2_400x400A British author of mysteries and thrillers, Jenny Hilborne divides her time between California and England. Her background is in real estate and the finance industry, elements of which often find their way into her novels.

Jenny enjoys reading, writing reviews for the New York Journal of Books, and traveling. She is an avid fan of puzzle books and crosswords. Jenny’s other works include: MADNESS AND MURDER, NO ALIBI, HIDE AND SEEK, and STONE COLD.

Review by coccotoro:

This is a mystery suspense thriller with a touch of paranormal. I have to admit being an avid reader of mystery suspense psychological thrillers, I was a little bit leery of mixing mystery suspense with paranormal, that it would take away from the mystery…but this was not the case, as there was just a touch of the paranormal. In this case it worked well. This is a stand-alone novel that will have you gripped from beginning to end. A puzzle with so many clues.

William Law went to prison for a murder of a local bartender, an ex-con who had been exonerated. He served seven years before he was acquitted and released. During that time he had lost his wife…his house…his life and freedom. That was six years ago. The bartender’s boyfriend set him up. Now outside, William lived on the streets of San Francisco with everything he owned in his knapsack. Still mentally and physically scarred, he is attacked in a dark alleyway. But why is someone after him? Who? He must defend himself.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, San Francisco Homicide Inspector, Mac Jackson is investigating a missing teenager, possible murder investigation when her bloodstained sweater was found. Mac suspects the teenager, Harlow McGrath, from a rich family is dead. Homicide inspector Mac Jackson is leading the inquiries. With no contact, no ransom demand, no calls and no new leads, his case soon grows cold.

Then Jackson receives an anonymous phone call, with new information on the case. And when Jackson follows up on this new lead, he uncovers traits and clues that links one crime to another, or one incident to another…a stabbing and an assault. One man is scrambling to stay alive…while another man is seeking the truth. For Mac the clock was ticking…he needed to solve these mysteries.

The short chapter format briskly moves the story along. The characters are well written, engaging and very real. I loved Mac’s laid back mannerisms and felt sorry for William’s struggles and dark past.

Review by Ali-Pongo:

I have got all of Jenny Hilborne’s books so was eagerly awaiting the newest release. I have to say I was a little skeptical about The Blackest Night having a paranormal element as that is not my favourite genre.

First thing to say is, I love the cover design – great job. It’s always exciting handling and opening a brand new novel for the first time. And so, settled down with a cuppa, I began. And I sat and read, and read, and got another cuppa and read some more! I found it gripping and am afraid to say, the housework had to wait awhile longer…

I won’t go through the story, as other reviewers have already mentioned some of it and I never like to say too much for fear of spoiling anything for any potential reader. Suffice it to say, though, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you do take the plunge to buy The Blackest Night.

It surprised me that I enjoyed it so much (because as mentioned, paranormal is not my preferred choice of genre, however, there’s much, much more to it than that). I love the character of Mac Jackson and like a previous reviewer mentioned, I was captured by the character and emotions of William Law.

I really like Jenny Hilborne’s style of writing, her descriptiveness enables me to really picture the scene in my mind. And dialogue between characters is always my favourite part of any book, and I loved it here too.


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