Authors Showcase: The Big Book Push

This is a one day only BOOK PUSH for June 6th 2012. Yup, four authors DETERMINED to bring their books to the world AND to see them climb high in Amazon’s Ranks.  We have a Zombie-ish apocalypse with a splash of romance, a romantic suspense with a dash of humour, a Thriller with a huge helping of action and a YA Paranormal with a mystery blended in.

And you, my friends, can help. How? Easy. Not only can you help, you can WIN BIG while you’re at it.

Here’s the run down. Purchase any ONE (1) of the books, and send your receipt to us, and you’ll be entered in for a grand prize of $50.00 in Amazon Gift Cards! PLUS if you purchase all FOUR (4) books, not only will you have 4 entries, you’ll also be in for an additional SECRET DRAW. All receipts should be sent to

Now, we can’t tell you what the draw is, because that would ruin the whole SECRET thing. But we will give you a hint. IT’S FABULOUS!

Okay, you want another hint? How about DOUBLING THE GIFT CARDS?! Oh, right. Secret’s out.

What are you waiting for?

More stuff?

Well, If you insist.

Four randomly drawn entrants will win back their purchases. FREE BOOKS. Crickey!

The Book: Sundered

The Author: Shannon Mayer

A Review from Always JenNS: I’ve always been into paranormal romance novels, but never really the zombie types. Shannon Mayer has changed this for me. Sundered was absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I finished the last page I was left slack jawed and desperately craving more of this well-written story. The anticipation was pure torture, I just had to know what happened next. The teaser for book two, Bound, only increased that torture.

The main character, Mara, was very believable. Her compassion for her husband, especially toward the end, was so touching. In all honesty, I’m usually the type that figures out what the author is up to before anything actually happens in the story. I’m happy to say that that wasn’t the case this time! I was completely blindsided by events in this story. Even now, I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m looking forward to starting book two in the trilogy. I know it will be just as good. I’d expect nothing less from this author! HIGHLY recommended!

The Book: Allegiance

The Author: Derek Blass

The Review by Rachelle Ayala: Whichever side you are on about the immigration debate, Allegiance hits you in the gut. Set in the borderlands of Arizona, in the frontera between the US and Mexico, Allegiance tells of the invisible war between migrants, militia, and drug mafia. Loyalties shift with the sands of the desert as Cruz Marquez, the activist lawyer finds himself imprisoned by a cruel and sadistic tyrant.

The story draws a complex thread around the debate, intertwining the poignant story of El Santo with the abused drifter, Tyler, and the mafia boss, Tzompantli, whose rite of passage was the fire beard, a network of burn scars where his beard would have been.

The action escalates when the unlikely alliance hits the militia compound with nonstop fighting, tension and violence. Women are not left out of the mayhem as Cruz’s wife Sandra plays an unwilling but crucial role within the militia compound. A subplot with a group of teenage drifters enhances the depth of the story, and the ending is satisfying as Cruz insures safety for his family and the young drifter Octavio’s social conscious is developed.

Hard hitting, Allegiance includes bad language, worse attitudes, and gruesome images. Be prepared to have your gut wrenched and your heart broken, as there are no winners in this relentless border war.

The Book: Red Is an Attitude

The Author: Kathy Lynn Hall

The Review by Helen2011: I liked this book as much as the first! All to often I feel ever so slightly let down by a sequel, as if the author has thrown everything at the first book and left their main character without enough room to grow further. That is emphatically not the case here!

Red’s new relationship is progressing. As with every (real) relationship there are fights, jealousy and strong emotions, some of which are scary for the people involved. I said it in my review of the first book and I will say it again, thank you Kathy for giving the world a believable heroine! At times I was physically moved to laughter, tears or smiles. This book is perfect for a lazy evening, perhaps with a little glass / cup / mug of your favourite beverage for company. As Red has developed (and is still developing) as a person she is beginning to enjoy life again, and this is reflected in the comparative liveliness of the plot, especially when compared to the first book. But make no mistake there are still very real and serious undertones at work which keep the work believable. Again the plot is realistic, a situation you may meet in real life (jealous wife, straying husband, remorse and revenge), and I appreciate that immensely. Personally I loved Mac being reincarnated as a dog. I can see how it would tax some people, but in the context of this book it feels perfectly natural. My advice, just leave your preconceptions at the door and enjoy the show! The thread that runs throughout the book is friendship. In the book, as in real life, friends are important and a natural part of everyday life. Nothing about these friendships feels contrived, and I like the fact that they are irrespective of age, gender, disability or sexuality. In other words a friend set true to life!

The Book: Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift

The Author: Elise Stokes

A Review by This Kid Reviews Books: Teen superhero Cassidy Jones is back in an all-new adventure! Cassidy and Emery, Cassidy’s 15-year-old super-genius boss/side-kick, are up against an all-new evil villain with powers equal to hers! OH, I forgot to tell you. Cassidy Jones has awesome superpowers (super-enhanced senses, super speed, super strength and a whole lot more) which she got during an accident in Serena Phillips’ (Emery’s mom) scientific laboratory. In “Vulcan’s Gift” Cassidy and Emery uncover a plot that involves an escaped tiger, the “Metal Man” super villain, an invention made by the Germans during World War II that some people will stop at nothing to get, and a Sasquatch (but that was really Cassidy in a furry coat). Follow along as Cassidy tries to learn how to control her growing powers, make-up with her boyfriend, survive gym class…and save the world!

In my opinion, Cassidy Jones is as great a superhero as any others! Cassidy is an awesome main character because she really is a “regular” kid that just happens to have superpowers. I really like how she keeps trying to figure out how to use her powers and how to control them. I also like Emery even more in this book. I like how Emery is a super genius, but in the second book he seems even more like a teen or kid and he’s a little more cool. I really like the way Ms. Stokes tells an action packed good vs. evil story in a super clean way (a way that younger kids can read without having bad words or graphic violence in it). I also like that Cassidy’s little brother, Chazz, kind of figures out that she’s a superhero and I hope that we learn more about this in the next book. The ending of “Vulcan’s Gift” is AWESOME because it shows the meeting of two evil villains that are combining forces for the next great adventure!

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