Authors Showcase: The Beauty in the Beast by Regina Puckett


The Book: The Beauty in the Beast

The Author: Regina Puckett

The Story: Why does everyone across the university campus call the Medieval Literature lecturer, Dr. Alec Knight, a brute and a beast, when Holly Day insists there has to be a better man hidden deep within him?

Is there really a concealed beauty in the beast or is Alec just as terrible as the rest of the world believes him to be? One snowy day, out on a cold stone wall at the center of the university when everyone else has left for the Christmas break,

Holly finds out the truth, after which neither she nor Alec will ever be the same again.

Review by Rad Reader:

Regina Puckett
Regina Puckett

What a surprisingly touching short story. Not what I was expecting at all. We tend to always look at negative rather than the positive. As well as assuming rather then finding out facts.

We allow our fears to guide us down paths that hold us prisoners to the depths of our darkest thoughts. Alec & Holly are just two people who are the positive & the negative of the same world. Yet, when you hear their story you see, feel, & hear so much more then what is said with words.

Review by Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko:

This is a beautiful and touching story about how people are different in the ways they deal with pain, especially childhood pain, inflicted by parents or those who are supposed to give love.

The two protagonists come from very painful childhood experiences: Holly, from hate and rejection, and Dr. Knight, from frustration and abuse, both by parents who should have shown them love. But each dealt with their past differently; Holly, with the determination not to allow her past to determine her future, and Dr. Knight, determined to allow his past to control his life, to the point of looking at life and living life with mistrust.

This book is very well written, grammatically correct. The only problem I found is with the formatting which was very poorly done, giving the impression that the author did not make use of professional formatting. Otherwise, this is a very enticing and interesting story.

Review by Nancy L. Silk:

Here is another short story I enjoyed by Regina Puckett. Holly Day is intrigued with her Medieval Literature Professor Alec Knight. He is called “Doctor Evil” by many students on campus because of his hardened facial features and attitudes.

Holly believes she can find the beauty in him behind his mask. Sometimes, it’s the student who has the opportunity to teach the teacher. I find that this was a lesson for all of us … how we live our lives should be ‘our’ choices, not based on how others may live. Regina Puckett always enthralls me in her stories.

They are always so varied, from being evil and sinister to heartwarming and intelligent. Which ones are your favorite tales? Read this one and decide.

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