Authors Showcase: Tennessee Tails by Kathryn Primm

Tennessee Tails cover

The Book: Tennesse Tails

The Author: Kathryn Primm

The Story: Do you want to laugh and cry? Do you want to renew your amazement at how pets enrich our lives? This memoir is a privileged glimpse into the life of a charismatic and skilled veterinarian. Personal and medical details paint a charming picture of the author’s love for her patients, respect for their owners and dedication to her profession. America’s Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker says, “Animal lovers will love this book.”

2011-12-11 21.17.36About the Author: Kathryn Primm has dreamed of being a veterinarian since the age of five. She grew up in Chattanooga, graduating from Girls Preparatory School and accepting an academic scholarship from Mississippi State University where she completed a degree in Biological Sciences as well as her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.

Applebrook Animal Hospital is a dream come true for her and she will laugh and say that it is built of her “blood, sweat and tears.”

As a pet owner of two cats and Dora, a rescued Great Dane, Dr. Primm knows the challenges of keeping fur-friends happy and healthy. Helping pets and people is her passion and her mission, loving the job is an extra bonus!

Review by Sandy J: Be prepared: you will need (1) cozy chair; (2) a good reading light; and(3) a box of strong tissues, because I guarantee that you will cry. You are going to laugh out loud a lot, and if you’ve ever owned a cat or a dog, you will empathize some too, but cry you will!

I strongly recommend this one to pet lovers everywhere. This reader found it very refreshing to read personal stories written by a professional who obviously loves her work and her clients, and she respects their owners even when they “use” their pets for their lovers’ trysts. (At least the puppy was getting good care while the owner was receiving “care” of another type.) That one made me laugh out loud. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon’s read.

Review by lusvet2003: I read this book over the weekend and I can tell you it was hard to put it down. I read it on Saturday mostly while at the park with my dogs. It was such an easy reading that I didn’t see time fly by. I loved it. I think her cat’s story is hilarious and being a veterinarian myself I could relate to many other stories. I am glad Dr. Primm had the motivation to put on paper some of those amazing stories of patients that touched her life.

I admire that because in a fast pace animal hospital environment sometimes it is hard to find time to enjoy some quality time with patients and their owners. I am sure it’s also really hard finding time to write a book and she has done a wonderful job!

She wrote a book that is easy to read because she doesn’t use a lot if medical terminology, and when she does she explains what it means.

I bet owners and prospective vet students love this book as well. They can be transported to the animal hospital environment and experience the excitement and daily routine of the life of a veterinarian.

Dr. Primm, Thank you for writing such a great book, with easy reading and fun facts. I’m looking forward to reading the second book!


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