Authors Showcase: Suspense Never Ends

The Book: Edge of Escape

The Author: Debra Chapoton

The Story:  Edge of Escape is a young adult thriller. Emotionally impaired yet clever, Eddie obsesses for years over the most popular girl at school. With intricate preparation, he drugs her, abducts her and locks her away.

She escapes, but that is part of his plan as he pretends to be her knight in shining armor. Will she accept his special devotion or reject his fragile love? Stalking gets a sympathetic twist in this story of fixation and fear.

A Review by K. L. Darr: “This novel is a twisting turning adventure full of angst, love, curiosity, and suspense. Each and every page pulls the reader deeper and deeper into the minds and worlds of Debra Chapoton’s characters. Having read both editions, the paperback and the Kindle edition, I was very pleased with the differences.

The Kindle edition is the original story, the manuscript, and the paperback is the final revised edition.

“Both versions were equally enjoyable yet strikingly different. I would recommend this book to any person, older child and young adult alike who simply likes to read for the sake of reading. I am very happy with my purchase and cannot wait to see what else is created from the mind of this talented author.”

A Review by Sheila Rae Myers: “Edge of Escape is fast-paced psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Debra Chapoton does a wonderful job of moving back and forth between the past and present lives of the characters so the reader gets an idea of what motivates each of them.

“Without bogging down the story line, Debra describes each setting enough you can picture yourself at each location. Readers will find themselves cheering or jeering as the situations unfold. One of the best things about this book, in my opinion, is the fact that all of the main characters (heroes and villains) are high school students. It offers a glimpse of what teenagers can do when faced with dire situations. I highly recommend this book to both adults and teens.”

The Book: The 13th Enumeration

The Author: William Struse

The Story: In 43 AD, Levi ben Cheleph, a Roman customs official, composes a controversial genealogy of Jesus. For the next nineteen centuries, this list becomes one of the most disputed texts of the New Testament and the basis for one of the most important biblical secrets of all time. The 13th Enumeration is the key to that forgotten secret.

Darius Zaridast, CEO of Aquarius Elemental Solutions, is on a quest to destroy those he believes are responsible for the death of his father and the status of his homeland, Persia, as a third-world dictatorship ruled by religious fanatics. Darius finds evidence that this group, which he calls the Order, is also part of a centuries-old conspiracy to keep the secret of the 13th Enumeration. This secret, he learns, is their greatest fear because it is the key to information that could destroy them.

His research into this secretive group of people is compiled in a dossier he calls FILE-13. Darius believes some of history’s most influential men are somehow connected to the secret:

  • · Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most influential scientists of all time, spent a good portion of his life looking for a hidden biblical code.
  • · Charles Thomson, one of only two signers of the original Declaration of Independence, was responsible for the most notorious symbols in American history. This symbol, known by only a few, is a key to the secret.
  • · William Frishmuth, a German chemist and secret agent for Abraham Lincoln, was so valued for his services he was paid two hundred dollars from Abraham Lincoln’s private purse.
  • · William Colgate of Colgate/Palmolive, one of America’s early entrepreneurs, owned a building which featured an unsolved brick symbol—a symbol which today is known as the “American Da Vinci Code.” This cipher holds the key to the forgotten secret.
  • · Sir Robert Anderson, commissioner of Scotland Yard during the Ripper murders, almost discovered the secret.
  • · Benjamin Franklin, writer, inventor, philosopher, and statesman, may have been involved in guarding this ancient knowledge.

As Darius’s plot for revenge matures, he initiates the most devastating attack in the history of New York’s financial district. With Manhattan Island a ghost town, Darius uses the ensuing events to perpetrate the greatest financial manipulation of all time. Just when he has the world convinced he is its savior, Darius Zarindast destroys his entire corporate empire, causing the largest financial meltdown in history. He has finally realized his revenge. The only bitterness in his cup of retribution is his inability to solve the secret of the 13th Enumeration.

In this battlefield of revenge, conspiracy, and superstition, an archeology discovery is made in Capernaum, Israel—a discovery which will forever change the way the prophecies of the Bible are understood. Zane Harrison, a dig volunteer, and Rachael Neumann, daughter of the director of Israeli Antiquities, unwittingly stumble upon an incredible treasure of artifacts. Their find leads to the rediscovery of the 13th Enumeration.

They soon learn their discovery is the key to a mathematical cipher found in the very first chapter of the New Testament, an ancient code which has profound implications regarding the status of Jesus Christ as the biblical Messiah. The unearthing of this ancient secret places them directly in the crosshairs of the Order. Will they be able to share their discovery with the world before the Order destroys the evidence and once again erases all knowledge of the 13th Enumeration from the pages of history?

The 13th Enumeration is a thrilling page-turner which weaves little-known historical and biblical facts into a plot that could have been taken from today’s headlines. The explosive conclusions of this story will leave the secular and Christian reader alike wondering if this is really a work of fiction—or the greatest discovery of our generation.

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