Authors Showcase: Stolen Magic by Evelyn M. Byrne


The Book: Stolen Magic

The Author: Evelyn M. Byrnes

The Story: During the rescue mission to save his niece Megan, Patrick discovers and brings to safety a petite black wolf. Despite his growing attachment to the wolf, Patrick soon realizes something is very off.

Drugged and tortured, for over a year, Brenna lacks the power to transform back into human form. She must now face the fact that she killed her own family. When she figures out Patrick is her mate, she knows she will likely to do the same to him. Unable to run or transform she tries to fight the inevitable.

When Megan examines Brenna, she discovers that Mallaidh is now using the black arts and has imbedded a malevolent presence in Brenna’s brain. Megan and Seamus rush to discover a way to break the spell and save Patrick from sure death. In the process, Mallaidh turns her evil magic toward them. Have Megan’s powers grown strong enough to thwart Mallaidh or are they all doomed?

About Evelyn Byrne:

Evelyn M. Byrne
Evelyn M. Byrne

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, immigrated to the United States at the age of two, and grew up in Chicago. I spent seven years in Tucson, Arizona and for the last twenty I have resided in East Texas. I started writing about eight years ago while taking care of my elderly parents.

I travel to Ireland to visit friends and family almost yearly. As I loved reading paranormal romances, I began researching Irish mythology based around Newgrange, which in itself intrigued me. When I started writing, I instinctively gravitated toward Irish mythology.

Most writers portrayed as the Tuatha Dé Danann as fey. I decided to bring them into the same light as some of my favorite authors did with vampires and wares. So now, we have vamps, wares, and fey all living in our neighborhoods and don’t even know it.

The Magic from Within won 1st place in the East Texas Writers Association Writing Contest in 2006 and 3rd place in 2007 with the East Texas Writers Guild. Since then it has undergone a few changes including its name to Unknown Magic.

Review by Shanda:

I read this book in one sitting, I loved it could not put it down, so many twist and turns affecting so many lives, not to mention the love stories weaved into the mysteries. Can’t wait for the next book!!!

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