Authors Showcase: Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself

Tsara Shelton at one of her favorite pastimes, reading.
Tsara Shelton at one of her favorite pastimes, reading.

The Book: Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself

The Author: Tsara Shelton

The Story: Written from a life lived on the edge of society, Spinning in Circles and Learning from Myself offers an insightful and powerfully uplifting collection of ideas and stories. She shares writings on a range of subjects spanning several stages of her life with topics including women’s issues, marriage, prejudice, abuse, mixed-race relationships, equality, culture, and more.

book-cover-02015_03_21_12_28_48-0Shelton—a mother of four—opens up about the difficult elements in her past, but offers a positive, realistic perspective on those events. As the oldest of eight children, she discusses in detail her childhood in Toronto, Ontario, and how she learned to live thanks to her brothers and her mother—all on the autism spectrum. Shelton reveals how she dealt with being a pregnant teenager and how her beliefs help guide her parenting.

As Shelton progresses through life’s stages of growing up, she shares the importance and validity of each stage, always with an eye for answers and an infectious joy in the never ending journey that is growing up.

About Tsara Shelton:

Tsara Shelton is the proud mother of four young men. She’s an avid sipper of coffee, a reluctant performer, a writer of musings, an addict of reading, a sharer of stories, and a shopper of groceries.

Now that all of her sons are mostly adults, and her husband has retired, she plans to spend her days writing, reading, writing, phoning her boys, reading, listening, dancing, and writing. Books, songs, screenplays, articles, blog posts, that’s where you’ll find her. In truth, that’s often where she finds herself.

“When I’m writing I feel like I disappear into more of me.” ~Tsara Shelton

Review by Lynette Louise:

An uncommon journey of intimacy and musings wherein the author grows up as she writes and we cheer her on. This is a brave book written with a common voice. It is relatable, entertaining, intimate and joyful.

At the same time the stories shared are unique and the author’s life surprising. It is seldom that a woman can live through so many intense experiences and somehow remain a person with a sunshine attitude.

This book grows up and takes you with it. Must read.

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