Authors Showcase: She’s Me by Mimi Barbour

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The Book: She’s Me

The Author: Mimi Barbour

The Story: Sassy, spoilt model, Jenna McBride pricks her finger simultaneously with shy, chubby librarian Lucy McGillicuddy and becomes Lucy’s spiritual resident. In her smart-alecky way, Jenna forces Lucy to make changes to her eating habits and exercise routines, and she soon grows into a slim, beautiful woman.

But in order to win the heart of the local doctor, Lucy has to build up her self-confidence—something that Jenna has never lacked. In fact, Jenna is rather full of herself and needs Lucy to teach her that outward beauty affects only the eyes of the person looking, not the heart.

Once she’s learned her lesson, all that’s left to do is get Jenna back to her own time and to the waiting arms of her handsome business manager.

From Mimi Barbour:

Mimi Barbour
Mimi Barbour

She’s Me is the first book of the Vicarage Bench Series and my first book published. Therefore it holds a special place in my heart.

Like with a first child, I did a lot of learning and growing while working on this project. The funny thing is that I’d sent this novella to Wild Rose as a submission for their – Through the Garden Gate Contest.

They wouldn’t accept the entry because I hadn’t followed the guidelines…imagine that…me not doing what I was told!!??

But, they liked the concept of the story so much the way I had written it that they gave me a stand alone contract.

And so the series began…

The Long and Short of it Review:

The quaint setting is well described–and the ‘paranormal event’ that ties the setting to the same in another time arrives unexpectedly, and unpredictably.

The best part about this story is without doubt, the wonderful array of characters, the importance of certain secondary characters, and the wonderful changes and growth we see and understood, happening almost magically before our eyes. Dialogue is snappy and at times humorous (“Hell’s bells, now I can’t even cry without getting hassled…”)

The true selves involved here are unpredictable –and the relationships that drive this story are hysterical. My only complaint is that the title foreshadows one key turning point, instead of surprising us with that, too. Still, I’d recommend you pick up “She’s Me,” for one surprise after another!

Review by Beverly Wells:

When Mimi Barbour spins a tale, her easy-flowing, vivid imagery will have you actually smelling the roses that climb the trellises and drinking in the picturesque English countryside.

Jenna McBride, stunning model, finds herself transported back to the “oldies but goodies days” in the 1960’s. Yet she’s also trapped inside the “less than desireable” body of Lucy McGillicuddy. You’ll find yourself chuckling as the two women argue and joke and then, low and behold Ms. Barbour adds yet another twist.

Yep, she adds a male counterpart–two males trapped inside each other and lusting after each of the women. Between the four, tempers fly, frustrations mount, and love soars in all directions.

I highly recommend this novella to all. I wish it had been longer as I didn’t want it to end. See for yourself. You’ll love it.

Review by TinaR:

Jenna is a super model who needs no one to tell her she is beautiful, she knows it. She is in a small town in England where she just finished a photo shoot and decided to take a few more days to relax.

She decides to go sit on the bench that is outside the vicarage. As she is sitting she pricks her finger on a thorn of the rose bush and winds up traveling back in time to the year 1963, into the plump body of Lucy McGillicudy, while her body is stuck in the future.

John Norman is the new town doctor who is the first person Jenna meets in Lucy’s body. He tries to help her get back to her home and introduces her to his psychologist friend Dr. Andrews.

Meanwhile Jenna’s assistant Marnie and her agent, Jake are trying to find out why the Jenna of the future is in a coma with no explanations of why it happened. Waiting for her to come out of it and explain to them what happen.

Join Jenna and Lucy as John and Dr. Andrews try to figure out what happen so they can get Jenna back to her time in the future or if it’s even possible.

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