Authors Showcase: Say Yes to What You Want by Beca Lewis


The Book: The Intent Course: Say Yes to What Moves You

The Author: Beca Lewis

The Story: Imagine knowing what you want, why you want it, and how to have it.

Imagine that the outcome of consciously knowing what, why, and how is far greater than you believed possible.

Much more than another “how-to” book, this book is the perfect guide to understanding why setting right intents is the key and foundation for designing the life you want to live. It won’t just leave you with a desire for a better life; it will show you how to have it.

˃˃˃ Do you have 28 days to practice a way of being that will change your life for the better? If so, grab this book and use it now!

Set the course of your life based on your own consciously chosen clear values and priorities, and they can become the intents that direct your life.

When you know your intent based on these pure values, you cannot be manipulated, swayed, or distracted.

Instead, you will feel the strong, steady support of the universe working in harmony and accord to the greatest outcome for you and your loved ones.

Mastering the skill of how to set intents can be applied to every aspect of your life, from deciding what is for dinner to your life purpose.

About Beca Lewis:

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

Beca Lewis is the owner of The Shift Center and Perception Publishing, and is the founder of The Shift® System.

As a personal and business coach, consultant, author, and speaker, Beca is dedicated to helping people fulfill their life’s purpose, using a 7 Step System called The Shift® which works from the inside out, from perception to reality.

Beca’s intention in everything she writes and teaches is to share the unbreakable principle that what you perceive to be reality magnifies, and to reveal the secret of the marriage of personal spirituality and practicality!

Her system helps each of us shift out of old beliefs and stuck situations and into the life that becomes the stuff of our dreams.

She teaches us that nothing changes until we do, and then it will change in the direction we have chosen. This makes it imperative to uncover and shift our personal perception so we can consciously choose wisely. Beca’s spiritually based Shift System® makes change a joy

It enables each of us to keep all that is currently good in our life, while expanding what is possible, and to break free from the prison of limited perceptions, habits, and paradigms.

More about this system can be found at The Shift®.com

She is the author of numerous Ecourses, articles, and books and has a background in the arts as a dancer, and in business as a Certified Financial Planner. This diversity, along with a variety of life-challenges, helped set the groundwork for her system that starts with possibilities, and practices practicalities.

When not working she and her husband enjoy the combined family of eight children and soon to be five grandchildren, along with reading, dancing, and working in the garden.

Review by Chuck Gallagher:

Finding the truth of our life’s purpose is an incredible gift. Beca Lewis has created a wonderful book that opens the doors to the “how” one connects with the power of our desire and purpose.

So many people have no roadmap to arrive effectively at their life’s journey…and Beca is a roadmap giver through this book. She connects the dots between desire and outcome in just 28 days.

This book is a must for those who know there is more and aren’t completely sure how to find it. A great find!

Review by SusanRits:

I am an avid reader of self-help books, and often find them too simplistic or unscientific. It was just the opposite with Beca’s book, “The Intent Course.” This 28-day class in a book is based on sound psychological theory about changing your intentions. Actually changing the way you think about the world and your goals in order to change how you approach everything from the meaning of your life, to getting the job that’s right for you, to finding the person that’s right for you.

This is far more than a mere “feel good” read, with lots of lessons, weekly exercises, and activities that help you change bad thinking habits into positive, focused thinking that clarifies your goals. As she points out in an early chapter, if you keep ending up in the wrong job or with the wrong person, it’s because you’re not clear with yourself about what you really want. This book brings that clarity.

I’ve recommended it to all my friends, and even though I breezed through it once already, I’m heading back to do the course all over again. I’ve found the more I work with her method, the clearer is my thinking, and stronger my intent. And the results have been to spend more time getting exactly what I want and less wasting time with things that don’t really fit my true needs, goals and wants. Great stuff––highly recommend.

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