Authors Showcase: Run Rachel Run by Patricia Paris


The Book: Run Rachel Run

The Author: Patricia Paris

The Story: A woman who values her independence above all else, Rachael Gooding excels at keeping men at a distance. Wielding her exotic good looks and razor sharp wit to intimidate rather than attract, she’s managed to avoid the pain and complications she knows would come with a serious relationship.

At the top of her game, Rachael believes all’s right with her world, but when a dangerous, unknown stalker begins to threaten her, she’s forced to turn to Detective Eugene Simms, a man she’s wildly attracted to but has never been able to intimidate—one she fears could break her carefully guarded heart if she gave him the chance.

When a man from her past is murdered in the park across the street from her apartment, Rachael must decide whether to tell Simms her secrets and risk exposing everything she’s spent the last ten years guarding so carefully. But telling all she knows may mean giving up something she’s always wanted but never thought she could have.

About Patricia Paris:

Patricia Paris
Patricia Paris

I write romance novels about strong heroines and the men who love them.

I live in the Chesapeke Bay area of Maryland, USA, with my husband, John, and cat, Shiloh. When not writing, my other loves are gardening, sailing, exercising my culinary muscle, and especially, spending time with family and friends.

My Glebe Point Series, This Time Forever, Letters To Gabriella, and the 2015 release, Return To Glebe Point, are set in the small town of Glebe Point, Maryland and revolve around the tight-knit Morrison Family.

My other novels, A Murderous Game and Run Rachael Run, are sexier, sassier, and have an element of suspense.

I am, unashamedly, a true romantic at heart. I believe everyone deserves a happy ending and strive to deliver that to my readers, every time.

Review by Cathy:

Rachael is an exotic beauty who refuses to give up her independence, and insists on playing by her own rules. Eugene Simms is the handsome by-the-book detective. What happens when the two collide; lust-filled passion that heats up the pages.

While attending a charity event with friends, the detective learns that Rachael might be the victim of a stalker. Simms, who would like nothing more than to get some alone time with the sexy spitfire, decides to do a little investigating. While Rachael appreciates his expertise as a police officer, Rachael keeps her defenses up so as not to lose her independence. The wit and sarcasm that flows between the two from the start ignites the sparks, but Rachael keeps her guard up and Simms willingly complies so she won’t wind up pushing him away while he collects evidence that proves someone, is indeed, watching her.

Spending time together to discuss the options of what she should do to protect her safety, Rachael’s resistance to him starts to wane, giving in to his invitations to dinner, and allowing the passion to heat up. When her elderly neighbor is violently assaulted, and her home is broken into, she allows the dam to brake and the floodgates open when she gives into a night of steamy sex, and a steamy romance begins to blossom if only she can forget about her heartbreak of the past.

I loved the fact that the heroine was independent, and her entire life didn’t revolve around the NEED for a man, but the desire to have one in her life to complete her was more important. I also liked the fact that the romance between them wasn’t rushed, which made it all that much more romantic and felt real. There was a chemistry between them; especially, when Simms was in her pink satin robe conjuring up a delicious breakfast using leftovers out of her refrigerator, which the author described perfectly to entice the reader all the more.

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