Authors Showcase: Roadkill by Barbara E. Brink


The Book: Roadkill

The Author: Barbara E. Brink

The Story: Blake and Shelby Gunner, think they’re living the perfect life. He’s a hotshot homicide detective and she is doing what she loves best, small theatre acting. But after an arrest goes badly and Blake is shot and injured, they decide to leave the crime-ridden city for the quiet, quirky little hamlet where he grew up.

Nestled along Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan, Port Scuttlebutt isn’t as calm and serene as they anticipated. Below an innocent Mayberry surface are secrets as dangerous as the great lake’s rip currents.

Staying at The Drunken Sailor Bed and Breakfast they learn that the proprietor’s wife was killed in an unsolved hit-and-run and there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye. The mayor, the librarian, a homeless man, and a rich old woman all have legitimate motives for murder.

Can the Gunners figure it out before the killer’s next victim is lying dead in the road?

About Barbara E. Brink:

Barbara E. Brink
Barbara E. Brink

Barbara Ellen Brink writes mystery, suspense, thrillers, and young adult novels. She loves riding motorcycles, hiking in the woods with her dogs, and spending time with her husband, grown children, and friends. She hates exercise but endures it to justify her habit of eating chocolate while writing.

She is the author of the Fredrickson Winery novels, ENTANGLED, CRUSHED, and SAVOR. She is also the author of inspirational suspense, RUNNING HOME and ALIAS RAVEN BLACK. Her speculative thriller, SPLIT SENSE won the 2011 Grace Award. She now has a Young Adult series: The Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy, (CHOSEN #1, SHUNNED #2, RECKONING #3). Barbara is now writing the Double Barrel Mysteries series.

Review by Felicia Mires, author of Christian Romance:

Barbara Brink exhibits quite an imagination and skill at setting up a mystery. She’s such a natural writer. I loved all the teasing threads and how she tied them together in unexpected ways.

I admit, I was surprised by more than one twist. And what a place to live! Having never been to this area of the United States, I enjoyed looking at the setting through the eyes of the characters, really feeling the extreme elements.

The characters were real and natural, and some so quirky I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next. I wouldn’t mind having some friends like that. By the final chapters, I was rushing to get to the resolution. “After” provides such a perfect ending, and I enjoyed the way she wrote it. The killer was true to his nature til the last second.

I sincerely hope the author makes a series out of Roadkill. The community she created is ideal for a few more murders.

And give us the recipe for that Roadkill pot pie, Barbara!

Review by Callmepar:

Roadkill is a masterful mystery. I love the flawed characters and how well the two main characters, Shelby and Blake Gunner, melded their broken lives together in a solid relationship.

Although told mainly in third person, Ms. Brink wrote the beginning and the end of the book in first person, providing us with unique insights into Shelby. All the characters, even the secondary ones, are so well developed I could picture them clearly in my mind.

There were plenty of twists and turns and just enough unresolved issues to hint and make me hungry for more Double Barrel Mysteries to come.

If you love a good, well written mystery with engaging characters, Roadkill fits the bill. You’ll love it. I certainly did.

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