Authors Showcase: Red Written by P. T. Mayes


The Book: Red Written

The Author: P. T. Mayes

The Story: “Not quite the apocalypse, but something different.”

On the morning of the 9th of July, Michael Wells wakes, looks at his reflection in the mirror and make a disturbing discovery. All his sins have been written across his face and body. The words are not tattoos; they are indelible stains, deep and red, written in a strange language. Michael has literally become a walking encyclopaedia of his deepest, darkest desires.

And he is not alone. The whole world has been touched by the same curse.

But Michael is unlucky: he has been given extra. There is a big MURDER on his chest, directly over his heart, but he has never murdered anyone in his life. Surely, there must be some mistake?

Meanwhile, not far away, a young woman named Eva Loh discovers that she too has been touched by the strange marks, but being a photographer she decides to document the ensuing chaos as society crumbles around her. She will record every last atrocity for posterity, even if it kills her.

Both Michael and Eva must fight for survival as they attempt to understand the strange forces that have torn their lives – and the life of every living person on the planet — apart. Meanwhile new societies and religions, both good and evil, grow out of the ruins of the old world, determined to grab as much power for themselves as they can. What Michael and Eve don’t realise is that they both have important roles to play in this new and dangerous world. Their destinies await them.

And then there’s the sinless man, and he’s biding his time, watching.

Red Written is dark urban fantasy/adventure set in contemporary Britain. It is aimed at MATURE readers and contains adult language and themes that are unsuitable for children.

About P. T. Mayes:

P. T. Mayes
P. T. Mayes

I love creating strange fantasy worlds, quirky thrillers and intriguing characters. Adventure is my game, but power always comes at a cost.

Review by Josh Bestwick:

With the trope of post apocalyptic worlds so heavy in the literary world, this book takes a refreshingly unique perspective. The author does a remarkable job of peering deep. I to the human mind, making the reader ask the all important questions the characters face themselves, and revealing the horrors of our society against the stark beauty of humanity’s stubborn will to live.
Would you accept your sins as a part of yourself? Or would you hide away in shame?

There are a few -adult- scenes, aside from graphic violence. I could easily see this book come into required reading for any college literature or psychology course.

Review by Steven Graham:

In Red Written the world wakes up to have all of their sins written on their face and body. The book follows the main characters as the world falls apart and tries to rebuild itself. The idea of it fascinates me.

Can you imagine facing those you love the next day. Every sin you’ve ever committed written there for all to see? Could you live with your own sins staring at you in the mirror every time you took a look? It was such an engrossing read I couldn’t put it down.

Every character from the mains to the supporting were real and vivid. Each dealing with the new world in a different way. Confession is not always good for the soul.

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