Authors Showcase: Point of No Return by Tiffany Snow


The Book: Point of No Return

The Author; Tiffany Snow

The Story: Kathleen Turner wasn’t expecting to fall in love when she came to Indianapolis a year ago, much less with two very different men. And not just any men: brothers.

Blane Kirk, former SEAL turned attorney, is every woman’s dream man. He’s also a playboy who changes women as often as he changes his tie, and trying to hold on to Blane could only break Kathleen’s heart.

Commitment is a foreign word to Kade Dennon, assassin-for-hire and genius hacker, and nothing about him is safe. A future with Kade would surely end in disaster—for both of them.

Past betrayals come to a head, and the choice Kathleen makes could sign her death warrant. Everything’s at stake as Blane, Kade, and Kathleen reach the Point of No Return.

About Tiffany Snow:

Tiffany Snow
Tiffany Snow

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Tiffany Snow earned degrees in education and history from the University of Missouri–Columbia before launching a career in information technology.

After nearly fifteen years in IT, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing. Tiffany is the author of romantic suspense novels including four previous books in The Kathleen Turner Series, which debuted with No Turning Back and the Kindle Serial Blank Slate.

She lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband and their two daughters.

Review by Amazon Customer:

Fans of this series will be eager to see it’s conclusion, but I encourage you to read it slowly and take it all in.

This book is expertly written by an awesome author. Her ability to create believable action scenes, characters we care about, and a plot line with twists that will have you asking what on earth could happen next is astounding. This is truly an author that writes well. And I look forward to reading her whatever she writes in the future.

Do not rush through this book. It is compounded with emotions, answers to questions readers have been wondering (and the characters in the book have been wondering) for four whole other books. Enjoy every moment.

To other fans, the point is not ‘who’ Kathleen is with at the end of this book. The point I believe the author was making through it all is how love ultimately changes the core of who we are for the better. Not everyone will be happy with who Kathleen chooses at the end, but I am happy that the author gives each character they’re own ‘happily ever after’ in their own way.

I am sad to see an end to this series, but want to encourage other readers to read with an open mind.

Review by KT’s Book Reviews:

As a huge fan of the Kathleen Turner series, I was given everything I could want in a final book: action, longing, redemption, salvation, truth, revenge, angst, and ultimately love unwavering. Point of No Return has left me sated and filled with such love for these characters that I want to begin the entire series all over again.

I know many have picked a team. Whether it’s Kade or Blane you rooted for, or if you switched back and forth between books I think you will all be satisfied. I tend to think of myself as team Kathleen. The young girl from book one isn’t the same person in the final book. She has grown into herself and into self-assuredness. She is a woman now – one who needed to forge her own path and make her own decisions based on her own life and not those of the men in it. I love this Kathleen.

What I also found to be enlightening was the shift in both Kade and Blane. How Kade coming so close to death affected them both. Both men have to reflect on their lives and decisions they have made. It has made for a powerful self discovery for them both.

Now for the good stuff. Sexy time was off the charts! The action was heart-racing (I swear to you at one point I heard Bonnie Tyler singing in the background). As for our boys? Blane as a-take-no-shh- Alpha is amazaballs. And Kade’s snarky one-liners had me doing the *giggle snort* throughout the entire read. I really am going to miss these two. The wit and the charm was one of the best features Tiffany Snow bestowed upon her characters. If you haven’t read anything from this author I suggest this be the start of your love affair with her. At this point I would read her shopping list and rate it five stars. She is just that good.

I am sad to see the series end, but am eternally grateful to be able to list this as one of my all time favorites. It’s bitter sweet letting a series go, but the love letter that is Point of No Return is a testament to the author and her ability.

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