Authors Showcase: No Sweat Pant Allowed by Jan Romes


The Book: No Sweat Pants Allowed 

The Author: Jan Romes

The Story: Suddenly single, in her forties, and eager to do what it takes to start over, Elaina Samuels meets three women with similar circumstances at a cash-for-gold event. They quickly become friends and form the No Sweat Pants Allowed – Wine Club.

This newly found alliance brings about some humorous escapades, a few tears, and a bond so strong no man can break as they try to cling to the past and finally step out of their comfort zones to find a happiness they thought they’d never feel again.

Discover Elaina Samuels, Tawny Westerfield, Stephanie Mathews, and Grace Cordray.

About Jan Romes:

Jan Romes
Jan Romes

Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother.

She likes to read all genres, writes witty contemporary romance, enjoys growing pumpkins and sunflowers and likes to find new ways to stay fit.

Review by Dodester:

When four women in their forties meet – two divorced, one widowed, the other dumped—and go to lunch, I figured the sparks would fly, though not so much at each other. From that segment on, I curled up in my chair and prepared to be wholly entertained. On that front, Romes did not disappoint. The dialogues she scripted between Elaina, Tawny, Steph, and Grace as they aired their stories relative to the men that had been in their lives was clever, witty, and moving.

The poignancy embedded in this quirky, funny story came to light when three of the ladies moved into Elaina’s house. At that point, I expected that comfort zones would be stretched and bad habits revealed; they would be rubbing off each other’s rough edges. The author did a marvelous job in showcasing the human aspects in these friends, their relationship with each other.

The gems in this story, however, came to light through Romes’ skillful insertions of the ladies’ personal revelations that were often triggered by remarks to each other that seemed careless, unkind. As much as I enjoyed the comedic quips and antics interspersed throughout the story, it was the raw honesty that ensued from hurtful encounters with each other that moved me. Another aspect of the story with which I resonated dealt with those segments involving a character’s self-reflective thoughts; they were insightfully written.

To add a flair of romance to her story, Romes created some well-grounded men. I enjoyed the balance she crafted between the ladies’ hesitations regarding dating and their emerging confidence. Be prepared to laugh uproariously, openly commiserate, and revel aloud from beginning to end.

Review by Lizzy:

No Sweat Pants Allowed – Wine Club was a quick, fun, and relatable read. Four women in their forties, who are all single for different reasons, meet one another on the same day and form a bond — and a club. Not too much time passes before they’re all living together in divorcée-to-be Elaina’s very large house.

Although Elaina, Steph, Tawny, and Grace find much in common and have lots of uproarious fun, put any four women together and differences, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings are likely to surface.

Jan Romes writes in a quick, witty, and snappy style that gives the reader a lot to smile (and laugh) about. With four women who are all very interested in men, but for their own reasons, not ready to dive into a relationship, the bonds as well as the conflicts are powerful and identifiable.

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