Authors Showcase: Mystery and Fantasy

The Book: Thou Shalt Not

The Author: Tina Glasneck

The Story: Bodies are piling up in Richmond, Virginia, mutilated, and tagged. A serial killer metes out justice to those that have escaped it, and Alexandria “Xandy” Caras is on the list. Two years have passed since the workplace massacre; six months since the day her charge of murder was dismissed.

When innocent “fan” letters become aggressive acts, Xandy finds herself seeking help from Police Captain Victor Hawthorne. He doesn’t believe in coincidences. Can he keep her safe when all signs point to her as being the killer’s ultimate target?

Only Xandy’s death can make it all stop, silencing the deranged killer who wants more than revenge, but true repentance.

Review by K. Kaska: Tina Glasneck’s mystery, Thou Shall Not, is a page-turner; chilling, face-paced, and expertly plotted. A serial killer is on the prowl in Richmond, Virginia. Alexandria” Xandy” Casas is recovering from a nightmare that almost destroyed her and now a cold-blooded killer is on her trail. The ending is a shocker! I’m ready for the next Xandy Caras mystery.

Review by A. Couch-Jareb: This is definitely NOT just another cozy mystery. Gritty, with authentic dialogue, the author builds a serial killer as if she knows them from the inside-out. Especially entertaining for anyone familiar with Richmond, Virginia. You will feel as if you were there and the next time you’re walking down Broad Street, you’ll check over your shoulder when you hear footsteps.

The Book: Mother-Earth Series Omnibus

The Author: Alan Tucker

The story: This volume contains the three complete works of the Mother-Earth fantasy/adventure series: Book One: A Measure of Disorder, Book Two: A Cure for Chaos, and Book Three: Mother’s Heart.

Follow Jenni Kershaw and her eighth grade science class through their harrowing adventures, battling powerful evils and sometimes even themselves. It’s different, imaginative, and critically acclaimed.

Review by Roadway 2000: This was a very good read. It included 3 different books which were a series of Young Adult stories about a group of students and teachers who ended up in a different world than ours. The writing was superb and kept your attention all the way.

If you like to read about paranormal and strange changings, this is a very good book for you. Try this book, it will keep your interest and you will be glad you did.

Review by Madamediotte: A truly captivating series! I asbolutely loved all three novels – I enjoyed the premise of the story, the details of the parallel world called “Mother,” the complexity of emotions shown by the characters, as well as their growth throughout the novels…Overall, a very strong and engaging story, and most definitely a must for fantasy fans.



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