Authors Showcase: Murmurs of Insanity by Gerrie Ferris Finger


The Book: Murmurs of Insanity

The Author: Gerrie Ferris Finger

The Story: Teen Johndro Phillips is missing after witnessing a drug deal turned to murder in his Atlanta neighborhood. Johndro is a spotter and runner for drug lord Devus Dontel “Big DD” McFersen, who was acquitted when Johndro couldn’t testify against himself. McFersen’s bangers shoot at Dru as a warning to stay out of their business.

Lake asks Dru to talk to his ex-wife, Linda, about Baxter Carlisle. Seems her half-brother’s predilection for young women has gotten him mixed up with the student art community. Damian Hansel is missing and his girlfriend, Cho Martine, accused Baxter of stalking her.

Dru find Baxter altogether too proper to stalk a young women. At his restaurant, she meets his mid-thirties son, Oliver, the product of his union with an underage teen. Dru also meets Bax’s lawyer, Anthony. She learns that Baxter possesses one of the world’s most expensive doll collections.

Damian and his friend Arne Trammel had devised a Performance Art presentation meant to shake-up the tranquil community. Articles of Damian’s are found on nature trails, and, absent a body, the police think it’s a treasure hunt. Dru thinks not. The presentation goes awry when Arne is found hanged and Cho disappears.

In the middle of that investigation, Dru is called back to Atlanta to find Johndro. Following a search and rescue dog’s nose, she finds where Johndro and his cousin have been hidden by a neighborhood store owner. Hell breaks loose in a neighborhood where gun battles are routine.

About Ginger Ferris Finger:

Gerrie Ferris Finger and her inspiration.
Gerrie Ferris Finger and her inspiration.

Retireed journalist for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution,Gerrie Ferris Finger won the 2009 St. Martin’s Press/Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel for The End Game. The Last Temptation is the second in the Moriah Dru/Richard Lake series. She lives on the coast of Georgia with her husband and standard poodle, Bogey.

Review by Marilyn Meredith: Murmurs of Insanity is a fascinating and complicated trail littered with all sorts of intriguing characters including some who are missing: a young teen, an artist and his girlfriend.

Along the way, the trail becomes littered with strange articles and ultimately some bodies. Full of excitement and strange goings-on, including a performance art presentation,Murmurs of Insanity is one of those books that will keep you wondering and turning pages as you follow the investigations.

One thing you can always count on with any of Gerrie Ferris Finger’s mysteries is full-bodied and unique characters, a thick sense of atmosphere and plenty of surprises. She is one of my favorite mystery authors. Definitely an enjoyable read.

The cover is great–and unlike many covers, it definitely has meaning for the book.

Review by Cyrus Webb: Gerrie Ferris Finger continues to thrill readers with her Dru/Lake series, and the book MURMURS OF INSANITY is no different.

We are able to be thrust into situations where family, friends and the seemingly innocent among them are captured in a web of secrets and danger—and it will be up to Dru and Lake to find out the connection without losing their lives in the process.

Definitely a book that is a page-turner from the very beginning, MURMURS OF INSANITY fulfills the need of all avid mystery readers.


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