Authors Showcase: Mai Lin by Gay Ingram

Riga Latvia - june 21: Latvian president palace and history museum caught on fire on june 21 2013 Riga Latvia.
Riga Latvia – june 21: Latvian president palace and history museum caught on fire on june 21 2013 Riga Latvia.

The Book: Mai Lin

The Author: Gay Ingram

The Story: Mai Lin, a young Chinese girl reaches the shores of San Francisco in time to experience the great Earthquake of 1904. Almost drowning in her attempt to escape the devastating fire, she is rescued by Rob McDuff. Together with Ah Soo and Sing Ho, whose have also become homeless by the earthquake and fire, Mai Lin finds a family.

When Rob McDuff’s gambling debts puts the family in jeopardy, Mai Lin agrees to marry Duck Choy who has become enamored with her, unknowing that the man is part of a Chinese Tong. Mai Lin anticipates a loving marriage, especially when she becomes pregnant, but must eventually face the truth about her husband.

About Gay Ingram:

Gay Ingram
Gay Ingram

Gay Ingram writes from her cabin in the piney woods of East Texas. For over twenty-five years she has been entertaining and informing readers either through her novels or by way of articles published in magazines such as Writer’s Journal, BackHome and The Herb Companion.

Recently introduced to blogging, she now contributes a blog to and posts twice-weekly on her own blog, Comparing Oranges and Apples, at

Review by Caleb Pirtle:

When you want to sit back and immerse yourself in another place and another time, find yourself a novel of historical fiction by Gay Ingram. She has a definite insight into the past and a deep understanding for the people, both good and bad, whose lives are forever intertwined within the fortunes and misfortunes of that particular era.

Mai Lin carries on Gay Ingram’s fine tradition of taking readers inside an earlier period of history and letting us walk the same streets, overhear the same conversations, experience the same trials, tribulations, and triumphs of her characters.

This time, Gay opens the curtains and leads us inside San Francisco. It’s a grand city. It’s a thriving city.

It is destroyed by the horrific earthquake of 1904.

A young Chinese girl is almost killed. She becomes homeless.

And in the midst of a terrible time, she finds a family.

She falls in love. And life should be wonderful.

But Mai Lin must face the truth about her husband, and the consequences may be more devastating than the earthquake.

You don’t simply read Mai Lin. You live it. Gay Ingram makes sure of it.

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