Authors Showcase: Maggie’s Fall by Ricki Wilson


The Book: Maggie’s Fall

The Author: Ricki Wilson

The Story: “A true-to-life family saga set in the contemporary west that is both endearing and well written. You won’t want to miss this compelling tale by Ricki Wilson.” ~ The Kindle Book Review

In a time when the country seems to be licking its wounds and chanting “poor me,” Maggie McClellan reminds us that getting our hands dirty and scratching out a place for ourselves is far more empowering than falling in line.

Maggie McClellan is living the good life in the best of two worlds, her corporate profession as a PR director for a world renowned boot maker, and her frequent escapes to the serenity of the West Texas ranch where she was raised – until her parents are killed in a car wreck. Selling the ranch seems the obvious choice, but when Maggie learns that she is pregnant, she can’t imagine raising her child anywhere but on the M- (M Bar) Ranch.

In the ten years since leaving El Paso and moving home, Maggie has pulled the ranch out of debt, devised a scheme to keep it afloat, and made a home for herself, Martha and Jonah, the housekeeper and ranch foreman who stayed with her, and T.J., her beautiful son, her reason to keep up the struggle. Everything seems to be falling into place, but Maggie has overlooked one small detail, a major portion of the ranch is leased, and the lease has run out. Maggie can run the surveyors off her land with the aid of her mother’s old rifle, but she can’t stop the anonymous buyer from taking her land out from under her.

Overwhelmed by the crushing realization that she stands to lose everything she’s worked for, everything her parents worked for, Maggie flouts her own rules and takes a young horse out for a solitary ride. A nearly fatal accident leaves her trapped and alone. Before Maggie can resurface from the darkness that swallows her up, she will have to realize what is really worth fighting for.

Maggie’s Fall is a character driven story of perseverance and hope. A well-rounded supporting cast provide their fair share of love, despair, humor, and frailty, but the story, like the fight, is Maggie’s.

About Ricki Wilson:

Ricki Wilson
Ricki Wilson

Ricki Wilson is an independent author and professional educator from Oklahoma.  Growing up among genuine cowboys, Ricki learned at an early age to appreciate the true value of a good horse and a faithful dog.  Maggie’s Fall, Wilson’s first novel, is a tribute to both.

She says: “I did not write Maggie’s Fall to be either gender or genre specific. It was important to me that Maggie appeal to all readers who love a good story. While there are romantic elements in Maggie, it is not a Romance; nor is it a Western, although I hope it evokes the spirit of the west.

Review by Alain Darmon:

What can I say about Maggie? She is a hard working woman with a heart of gold. I imagine Maggie as a beautiful woman; beautiful but not sexy, she is a ranch lady who can work with her hands and seems more comfortable in jeans than wearing a gown. She has the natural beauty which never ages because it reflects the beauty of her personality. She lives a tough life, but she is strong and never gives up. Alas, when it comes to men, she does not know how to test them to see if their feelings are true or not.

Maggie’s story moved me; I became attached to her and at times wished I was there to help. That is to say that this book is so well written that the characters are alive, you feel their presence and their emotions as you turn the pages. It is a book which I will go back to. I wish to read more about Maggie, is she happy? What happens to her now?

If like me, you like romance; but not the cheap/easy feelings/fairy tale romance, then you will love this book. If like me you like strong characters living real lives, then you will identify with them and love this book. If like me you love nature and the country, you certainly will love this book.

I definitely will buy Ricki Wilson next book without a moment of hesitation.

Review by Dream Beast:

Maggie’s Fall has everything I like in a novel. The plot is well-paced and never contrived. The narrative voice is engaging and subtly reinforces the story’s sense of place, which is so grounded in authentic detail that I imagine the M Bar ranch must be out there somewhere in Texas.

Most of all, the characters are complex and altogether believable. I feel as though I know them and can’t help rooting for them, hoping for the happy ending they deserve. But Maggie’s Fall is no fairy-tale romance. It’s a romance that unfolds in daily life — a world of responsibilities, disappointments, and work as well as loyalty, friendship, and love.

And finally, the story is inspiring. This isn’t essential for me, but it’s a nice bonus. If you want to read a novel that reaffirms your faith in the goodness of people, despite their shortcomings, Maggie’s Fall is for you. Wilson has not just created a world that you want to believe. It’s a world you can believe.

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