Authors Showcase: Lincoln 9 by Dave Freedland


The Book: Lincoln 9

The Author: Dave Freedland

The Story: When Bethany Crutchfield failed to show for Sunday brunch, and her father’s phone calls remained unanswered, it became apparent that his concern was justified regarding her welfare. Police officers from “America’s Safest City,” Irvine, California, discovered a gruesome homicide scene which established Bethany as the first in a series of murders that would ultimately span over two decades.

Lincoln 9 takes place in a city whose reputation for safety and affluence overshadows the fact that the relatively few homicides are among the most vicious and complex cases of human brutality. This is a story of three such cases, combined into a fictional plot and characters, but based upon actual crimes and police officers who risked their lives to bring justice to the perpetrators of these heinous acts of violence.

The story follows the career of Lieutenant Scott Hunter, the consummate cop who ultimately leads a team of detectives in connecting the clues toward solving these murders. His talents not only instilled confidence in the members of his elite unit, but drew the attention of an attractive co-worker remarkably matched in interest and intellect.

About Dave Freedland:

Deputy Chief Dave Freedland
Deputy Chief Dave Freedland

Dave Freedland is a 34 year, decorated law enforcement professional, having served with the Irvine Police, and the Orange County (California) Sheriff’s Departments. Following a competitive athletic career culminating with the award of “UCLA’s Most Valuable Gymnast,” he graduated first in his Sheriff’s academy class. While serving with the Irvine Police Department he managed a variety of assignments including Detectives, Patrol, Internal Affairs, SWAT, and retired at the rank of Deputy Chief of Police.

As a Special Weapons and Tactics Team Leader, he supervised operations for numerous barricade and hostage incidents, and was the recipient of several awards including “Police Officer of the Year,” “Meritorious Service,” and “Unit Commendation.” As a SWAT Commander, he was recognized for his contributions in establishing the country’s first county-wide counter terrorist unit incorporating SWAT, bomb disposal, and hazardous materials disciplines.

Deputy Chief Freedland attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on an athletic scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. He earned a Master’s Degree in public administration from Pepperdine University, and is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

As a competitor in martial arts, he is a former Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) national karate champion, and has trained in Japan, earning a 5th degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan karate.

Review by Charles M. Bozza: I read Lincoln 9 in two days it was that captivating . The L 9 lieutenant was a man of many faces in this world of homicide investigation. I loved when the 2 lieutenants went into the Chief’s office with the briefcase and placed it under his desk.

Because it’s fiction I was hoping we were going to have a humanistic new character developed in the book instead of an obstructionist. The book is fast moving and put together very well. I am so glad in the book the terminology was so correct a magazine is what it is and not a clip like some authors do not know the difference and use both interchangeable. SWAT was described and developed very well as a professional unit and not a bunch of knuckle daggers. David Freedland work the characters like, Eric Meyers, Tom Clancy, and WEB Griffin do in their writings.

There is something in the book for everyone. A love interest, action, and terrific character development. This story can happen in any community note just the #1 safest city. I can’t wait for Freedland’s next book.

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