Authors Showcase: The Land Below by Stavros Halvatzis


The Book: The Land Below

The Author: Stavros Halvatzis

The Story: A boy, living in a converted underground goldmine, suspects the shocking truth about the apocalyptic event that destroyed the world generations ago and tries to reach the surface in search of a better life.

But in doing so, he unleashes the wrath of the Governor and Senators, who are determined to keep him quiet at any cost.

About Stavros Halvatzis:

I was born in Alexandria Egypt, grew up in Greece and lived and studied in South Africa and in London.

I’ve taught screenwriting and digital media in South Africa, and in Australia–where I earned my Ph.D in narrative studies, and have recently found creative freedom through publishing on Amazon.

I like stories of all sorts, but I especially love science fiction, mysteries, fantasy, horror, and thrillers, or any mixture thereof. I’m also looking forward to being the first octogenarian on board that manned mission to Mars.

As long as I can upload my next novel to Kindle from up there, that is.

Stavros Halvatzis
Stavros Halvatzis

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