Authors Showcase: Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel


The Book: Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel

The Author: Jane Ellen Freeman

The Illustrator: Eric Hammond

The Story: : Eight-year-old Jeremiah tries hard. That’s good. But he worries too much. Not so good. Jeremiah misses his dead father and pushes himself to be grown-up to help his mom. With so many things to remember, Jeremiah’s forgetfulness grows.

When Jeremiah forgets his library books and his permission slip and money for a field trip to Prickett’s Fort, his guardian angel appears in the form of a tiny man. “But angels have wings!” Jeremiah says.

The little angel twirls around. “No wings, but you’ll see.” With that, he disappears.

Suggested age for readers: 7 – 12

About Jane Ellen Freeman:

Jane Ellen Freeman
Jane Ellen Freeman

Jane Ellen Freeman is a former language arts teacher who has been creating stories for many years. Once, to inspire her middle school students to use their imagination, she wrote a story about the class where their mobile classroom was suddenly lifted by a flying saucer and transported to another planet! Each student played a part in the story and they eventually turned the whole idea into a play. Jane Ellen remembers many wonderful stories created that year by her students.

Parodies on fairy tales were another popular writing project. Jane Ellen’s teacher story was a spoof of Little Red Riding Hood where a sheltered ten-year-old boy who plays the harmonica is befriended by a largish girl nicknamed Big Red. The boy’s name is Harvey Wolf and their role reversal creates several humorous scenes in the story which has Big Red masquerading as–you guessed it–an old granny.

Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel is Jane Ellen’s first published story for children. Artist Eric Hammond’s illustrations accompany the story about a little boy who meets his guardian angel, solves some major worries, and learns to keep his promises. Readers who enjoy this story can read a second book about Jeremiah to follow next year.

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