Authors Showcase: Imbroglio by Alana Woods


Alana Woods knew in her heart that she was a writer of books.

She had the gift.

She had the calling.

It wasn’t enough.

Alana quickly realized that writing great prose was the easy part.

Selling books wasn’t all that difficult either.

But she had to find a way and make a way for book buyers to discover her books, and thus began a long, arduous, and precarious journey with as many twists and turns as the plots in her novels.

It was then and is now, she believes, a journey worth taking.

Alana points out: “Being an author isn’t all fun and games!

“You have to put in the time getting words on paper (or screen) whether you feel in the mood or not, whether you’re inspired or not.

“You have to endure what seems like the never-ending knockbacks from literary agents and publishers.

“You have to endure the frustration of them telling you that you have what it takes and to keep on trying.

“The knockbacks can feel like out-and-out rejection. They can leave you feeling humiliated as well as dejected.

“I’ve more than once gone outside to give the figurative cat a kick in an effort to dispel the doom and gloom I’m feeling.

“But then there are the good times.

“After being told by Pan MacMillan that I had what it takes, that I had a wonderful writing style and that I could be Australia’s answer to John Grisham–after which they rejected Automaton–and after a literary agent told me he didn’t know how to advise me because he thought the book was very publishable–John and I did it ourselves. And back in 2001 it wasn’t easy. Back then you needed print copies and you then needed to sell them door to door.

“The first print run of 1000 we sold to bookshops.  Cold calling from as far north as Noosa, all the way down the eastern seaboard, and around to Adelaide.

“The second print run of 2000 we decided to sell ourselves, cutting out the middlemen.  We shared stands at the Sydney and Melbourne royal shows and the Brisbane Ekka with other like-minded authors, calling ourselves Aussie Authors & Books.”

That was the beginning, and she remains as determined to be a writer and seller of book now as she was then, which brings us to the brilliantly crafted  Imbroglio.

The Opening: The sound entered his ear, swirled through his brain, flowed, eddied around his groin, and sank to his toes. He felt, rather than heard. A mouth touched behind his lobe and trailed to his shoulder and his nerve ends rippled with it. A sense of silk swept across his chest. Coolness licked and a streak of flame ignited  …

Any idea what’s happening? No, not that. It’s something else entirely.

The Story: On a dark night in far north Queensland a car runs off the road and bursts into flames. Driving closely behind Noel Valentine doesn’t hesitate to pull over and drag one of the occupants to safety. In rescuing David Cameron she has an inkling of what she may be setting in train, but no idea that one outcome will be a fight for her own life. His baggage includes a shady lawyer, traitors and money launderers.

Would she have saved him if she had known she would be facing sharks of the finned as well as the two-legged variety? Her aim? To stay alive.

Alana Woods
Alana Woods

About the Author: Alana Woods … intrigue queen. As a novelist, that’s me! I toyed with ‘thriller queen’ as an author description but my novels are much more suspense intrigue to my way of thinking. I don’t believe in cheap thrills, I like them to have depth.

I’m a storyteller from way back but not a prolific producer like other authors. It can take me years to be satisfied with the quality of a story and my telling of it. I put a finished manuscript in a drawer and forget it while I write another. That way, when next it sees the light of day—which can take five years—it’s like reading something new and any flaws jump out at me. I’ve written more than I’ve published—if I’m not satisfied with them they don’t get published. Simple!

Two suspense intrigue novels (thrillers), a short story collection and a writing guide for budding authors published to date, and I’m reworking a third thriller (which has spent several years in said drawer) which I hope will be out this year.

Review by Angyem: I was in the nail salon when I started reading this book. I read the first page and I thought, “What the?…” It was so well written, I had to see how the author was going to tie it all together.

For me, a good book makes me say, “Oh, so that’s what that meant. Mmm, that’s what was going on earlier.” In other words, it’s tight. Ms. Woods did that for me and so much more! This is one of the best books I’ve read in this genre in a while! When I started it, I was so captivated I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it!

Ms. Woods has the rare gift of painting vivid, action-packed pictures with her words. I was there with the characters: smelling the ocean, feeling the sun, hearing the waves…

I loved this book, and hope to read more by this author.

Review by Cathy: Imbroglio lives up to its name,”a confused or perplexing interpersonal situation.” The story races along as Noel tries to unravel the puzzle of David, the man she saves from a burning vehicle.

The plot twists and turns, keeping you intrigued and wanting to turn the next page. The writing is taut and the wonderfully descriptive characters leap out of the pages. All in all a great read!

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