Authors Showcase: Hidden Courage by Christopher David Peterson


The Book: Hidden Courage

The Author: Christopher David Peterson

The Story: Hidden Courage:

A short novel with adventure and suspense…

Inspiration comes in many forms and for Jack, a single photo in a magazine becomes his life’s greatest inspiration. The photo is of an unknown mountain in the Andes Mountain range of South America. Striking, dangerous and beautiful, Jack is drawn to it. He makes up his mind that he must climb it.

The story follows Jack’s adventure, as he flies his own plane from New England to South America. Battling cold and exhaustion, Jack struggles though one crisis after another as he attempts to climb the rugged and dangerous mountain… Alone.

About Christopher David Peterson:

Christopher David Peterson
Christopher David Peterson

Christopher David Petersen (1963 – 20??). Born and raised in Connecticut. As a child, I was always daring and reckless. Never one to let common sense stand in the way of a great adventure, my bold feats of stupidity were legendary… Huckleberry Finn would have been proud.

“Surprisingly”, that same spirit carried over into adulthood, as I sought out entertainment that included: scuba diving; ski Mountaineering; mountain biking; Rock, Ice and Mountain climbing; flying planes; golf, motorcycles, the stock market and of course, experimentation with various alcoholic refreshments.

Later in life, writing became an extension of my deep desire to experience “new and exciting worlds”. I have written several books, but none have been published through any formal channels… I’ve heard the process is long, painful and laborious, the thought of which sickens me. My foray into e-publishing came after a friend suggested my works could fetch dollars instead of dust inside my sock drawer… a righteous observation. My recent publications are the result of this advice. Further adventure/suspense novels are soon to be released.

An engineer by trade, I have worked all over the U.S. and usually write in my spare time… that is when I’m not enjoying a bottle of Scotch and a quality cigar. I am a naturally long-winded individual, so writing is what happens when I can’t get anyone to listen to me anymore…

I love all kinds of genres but gravitate more towards suspense. There is nothing like the build up to a great climax… What a rush!

Review by word addicted:

This book surprised me with its grasp of mountain climbing and airplane flight. It also contains a healthy amount of information about various locations in the world. And all of this was woven into a very entertaining, sometimes tense, story. Very well written! The book tells the tale of Jack who wants to climb a mountain that has not been climbed before. Why? Because it’s inaccessible except by plane.

There were points in the story where my body actually tensed and I found myself reading faster to see if Jack would survive. That’s a good book! Although Jack is barely an adult, he builds the type of plane he needs to pursue his dream. Then he takes it on a long solo flight through many countries. Though he has very little money and subsists largely on peanut butter sandwiches, Jack challenges his skills and endurance, pitting himself against a remote snowy mountain. He has a number of close calls that will give the reader tingly worrisome feelings in the pit of the stomach (or bottoms of the feet, if you fear heights).

The author is obviously knowledgeable in the subjects he covers, and he also has a talent for storytelling. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by this author.

Review by B. Hellekson:

Mr. Petersen wastes no time pretending he’s writing the great American novel. You won’t find lyrical prose in descriptions of scenery or pages full of philosophical musings in his books. He gets right down to the nitty gritty.

In this one a 21-year old Jack builds his own float plane and takes off, with the hubris of youth, and flies from the east coast of USA to Peru, where he sets out to climb the mountain of his dreams – ALONE. This seems to be par for the course for Jack. Being somewhat of a loner myself, I can relate to how, “he reveled in his isolation.” However, even though I get caught up in the action, the excitement and the tension of every moment, I found myself mentally yelling at our hero while he was hanging upsidedown and unconcious, after a fall on/off (?) the mountain: “You stupid idiot! Why are you always doing this alone?”

There is very little interaction with other people, even on the few occasions that he does wind up in civilization. So he talks to himself occasionally. I consider that to be normal because I do it myself.

All in all, it is fast paced because it leaves out all of the normal literary filler and goes straight for the jugular. Tension filled because Jack is smart enough to understand the danger but crazy enough to go for it anyway

I am neither pilot nor mountain climber but with just the right amount of technical details of each explained as he goes along I was able to understand what was happening with a certain amount of clarity.

For those besides myself who care about how much sex and language they expose themselves to, this book had no sex and about two swear words.

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