Authors Showcase: Her Mother’s Day Miracle by Tabitha Robbins


The Book: Her Mother’s Day Miracle

The Author: Tabitha Robbins

The Story: Nothing will stop Riley Mathis from giving his infant daughter a safe and stable life growing up. After his wife passed away during childbirth, Riley moved to Point St. Claire, Maine, where families are close and people simply care. So, who had he ticked off to be lumped with this neighbor from hell?

Aster Lawrence could do without her friendly, happy, handsome new neighbor poking around in her business. This time last year, her world was shot down in flames.

She’d been keeping her head above water before Riley Mathis introduced her to his baby. How could she keep her distance—keep surviving—when they were both so easy to love?

About Tabitha Robbins:

Tabitha Robbins
Tabitha Robbins

Tabitha Robbins is the penname for a best selling romance author with millions of books sold worldwide.

Tabitha is into New Adult, Young Adult, Paranormal and Contemporary Romance…anything with a hot hero and an unforgettable love story.

Review by tanlady:

This book was great. This book showed that if you truly love someone anything is possible.

Review by Judy Y. Cumberbatch:

Wonderful reading from beginning to end.

Review by Luigi:

This was another cute book in the Holiday Babies Series. I think I’ve read them all now. This one was sweet and had a great storyline.

There were actually two stories in this one book–the one about the main characters and a secondary one. both were really good.

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