Authors Showcase: Gripping Thrillers

The Book:  Avengers of Blood

The Author: Gae-Lynn Woods

ref=sib_dp_kd-2The story: A deadly game of cat and mouse is playing out in Forney County…

Detective Cass Elliot is still on suspension after killing a fellow officer and Sheriff Hoffner refuses to sign her release papers. But when four people are murdered in one night, one with the exceptional brutality of a lynching, the Medical Examiner side-steps Hoffner to hire Cass and loan her to Forney County’s overstretched police department.

As Cass and her partner investigate, they realize that three of the murders were committed by the same person but find no connection between the victims. Their frustration intensifies when another victim survives and disappears instead of coming to the police.

Sheriff Hoffner is frantic about anonymous letters claiming one of his star officers is dirty, and Cass suspects a link to the current crimes. The pieces fall together when she uncovers the true identity of the man who was lynched, revealing connections between the victims, the killer, and an unpunished crime committed nearly fifty years ago.

Review by Toby Neal: As a mystery/thriller writer myself, there aren’t too many authors I wait for, but after the twisty, colorful, surprising mesmerism that was The Devil of Light, I wanted more Cass and more Forney County. Avengers doesn’t disappoint – all your favorite rednecks are back, plus some great new ones.

I stayed up way too late again and loved every minute of it.

The Book: Tomb of Atlantis

The Author: Christopher David Petersen

ref=sib_dp_kd-3The Story: Young Jack Roberts is an adventurer. While flying up through the Caribbean many years ago, he spotted what he believed was a golden artifact resting on the ocean’s floor. Without the resources to investigate further, he snapped some photos and flew home.

Years later, he makes a startling discovery. While watching an interview on TV, he sees an exact duplicate of the symbol he photographed now displayed on a set of ancient tablets reported to be 7,000 years old. With his curiosity piqued, he knows he must return.

Jack’s new adventure leads him back to the Caribbean Sea in search of the golden artifact. While diving, he finds other ancient relics that point to the first real evidence of Atlantis. Excited and energized, he returns to the dive zone once more.

Tragedy strikes and Jack is now forced to fight for his life. Violent storms and vicious predators force him beyond even his own endurance as he clings to an improvised raft, driven not just to survive, but to solve the 7,000-year-old mystery of Atlantis.

Review by Beth H.: I liken TOMB OF ATLANTIS to the Indiana Jones series not only due to its action-adventure status, but also because Chris Petersen has the capacity to enable me to understand and enjoy not only archaeology, but some engineering concepts as well. This is important, because some authors that write action-adventure lose me by over-explaining the technicalities and I become disengaged in the story.

I remember feeling completely immersed in the action when first watching Harrison Ford as Indy – he was fun, funny, handsome, resourceful, and smart, and most importantly, he appealed to my female mind. Jack Roberts, the male protagonist in TOMB fills the void in my life I didn’t know I had since Indy is gone…

Author Petersen creates a suspenseful situation in TOMB. Jack Roberts, an engineer, has discovered an artifact that may be the key to the lost city of Atlantis. In an attempt to find it, he becomes lost at sea. Petersen describes Jack’s resourcefulness and efforts to survive in tense detail and I found myself very involved, rooting for Jack. Particularly during a frightening scene with a hungry shark, I caught my breath several times and screamed to the author, “Will you just rescue him already??

Petersen has created a new action hero in Jack Roberts, and I am looking forward to reading more in CURSE OF ATLANTIS!

Review by mtnladynow: If you are looking for the ultimate adventure, look no further than Tomb of Atlantis. This book was a treat for me as I am fascinated with anything involving the lost civilization of Atlantis. The author, Chris Petersen, knows how to grab you from the first word to the last and makes you want to keep reading about Jack Roberts and his adventures long after the book has ended.  I highly recommend Tomb of Atlantis, but be warned – you may be up all night reading.

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