Authors Showcase: The Grecian Manifesto by Ernest Dempsey


The Book: The Grecian Manifesto

The Author: Ernest Dempsey

The Story:




What would you do if the person you loved the most, vanished?

When the Secret Service show up to escort Sean Wyatt to a private meeting with the President of the United States, Sean has to ask himself that very question.

Sean’s girlfriend, the mysterious Adriana Villa has disappeared while in Italy searching for the fabled Eye of Zeus, an ancient device that is rumored to have the power to tell the future. Sean and his best friend Tommy Schultz team up to retrace Adriana’s steps in hopes of finding the relic and tracking down the kidnappers.

Along the way, they uncover more than they bargained for as new information comes to light that super-wealthy Greek businessman, Dimitris Gikas, has his sights set on more than just money. If Sean and Tommy can’t stop the Grecian, the very foundations of Europe and the rest of the world will fall beneath the evil man’s plot.

This story is the first in the continuing saga of Sean Wyatt and friends after their historic discoveries in The Lost Chambers Trilogy.

About Ernest Dempsey:

Ernest Dempsey
Ernest Dempsey

Ernest Dempsey writes exciting, action & adventure fiction and science fiction. Ernest currently lives in his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he works as a school counselor, lead recruiter at Studio E, consults other writers, and writes novels.

Despite having degrees in Psychology and Counseling, Ernest always enjoyed creating stories, has perpetually been fascinated by the ancient world, and can often be found reading the works of such contemporaries as: Dan Brown, Steve Berry, Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and Sci-fi writer Matthew Mather.

Ernest’s debut novel, The Secret of the Stones was re-released in December of 2012 along with the follow up in the series, The Cleric’s Vault. Both stories have quickly climbed the charts in Amazon as more and more readers discovered this new author in the thriller genre. His most recent release, The Dream Rider, is a cutting edge Science Fiction story that delves into the world of lucid dreams.

Review by Sue:

Sean Wyatt is the kind of hero you can’t help but love. He finds himself in all kinds of trouble and I constantly find myself wondering how he is going to get out of it! But Dempsey does a good job creating solutions that are believable and captivating:)

There is a little bit of everything in this novel…history, treasure hunting, bad guy/hostages, romance, action, etc… All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will look for more books by Dempsey.



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