Authors Showcase: Getting Even by Pat McDonald




The Book: Getting Even: Revenge Is Best Served Cold

The Author: Pat McDonald

The Story: The murder of a local taxi driver begins a chain of events that baffles detectives. As Detective Sergeant Luc Wariner and Detective Constable Aidey Carter try to unravel an interwoven series of lies and deceit involving drugs and underage prostitution, their personal lives become more complex.

They both fall for two key witnesses whom they have vowed to protect. Discoveries about police corruption, bribery, as well as physical and sexual abuse leave both victims and villains feeling the need to get even.

However, Getting Even is not always possible. There will always be winners and losers. Joan Beddoes has waited a long time for revenge and just wants to bury her stillborn baby. Detective Chief Inspector Harry Beddoes is being fleeced of his ill-gotten gains by his young mistress. Local nightclub owner and drug dealer Toni Maola will stop at nothing to preserve his own survival. Is Detective Inspector Jacqui Foster being stalked as she tries to find her father’s killer and bring him to justice?

All these fictional characters come together in compelling fashion in the fast and furious crime novel: Getting Even: Revenge Is Best Served Cold.

About Pat McDonald:
Pat-McDonald1Pat McDonald has lived her whole life in Nottingham, England. She points out:“I spent seventeen years working for a police force and felt that I ought to have at least one crime novel within me.”

She has also been a medical researcher, project manager, and programme manager.

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