Authors Showcase: Firstborn Son by Jim H. Ainsworth


The Book: Firstborn Son

The Author: Jim H. Ainsworth

The Story: Ben Tom Lawless and his two younger brothers are left by their parents to live with an uncle. On their first night in his house, they discover their uncle, a professional thief, stealing their most valued possessions.

Living life surrounded by family role models that flaunt virtually all of society’s rules, including the law, has deeply affected Ben Tom, but not in a way most would predict.

His family’s woeful inadequacies and criminal activities have imbued him with a superior sense of right and wrong. Being the firstborn son has implanted deep within him an almost obsessive need to protect and nurture others, often to the detriment of himself and his family.

When his younger brothers march lockstep into the Lawless pit, Ben Tom risks everything to pull them out.

About Jim H. Ainsworth:

Jim H. Ainsworth
Jim H. Ainsworth

Jim H. Ainsworth is an award-winning author of seven novels, one story collection, one memoir and many newspaper, magazine and blog articles and stories.

A former CPA, CFP, CLU and stockbroker, he authored four business books, qualified for the Registry of Financial Planning Practitioners, was twice named one of the most influential accountants in America, and is a Distinguished Alumnus of East Texas State University.

A former team roper and owner of a western wear and tack store, Jim led a covered wagon and horseback trip across Texas.

Review by Charlie Smith:

Jim Ainsworth has a better grasp of the English language than any author that I have ever read. When he writes a scene or a situation he describes it in terms that put you inside the pages of the book—you see, feel and touch the moment.

Review by Donna G. Paul:

Jim Ainsworth’s deep, quiet voice rumbles around your chest.

We all hear the music inside and it resonates straight into our hearts. 

Review by Bobbie Purdy:

Jim’s talent as a story teller is remarkable.

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