Authors Showcase features horror by Robert Chazz Chute and romance by Dimitri Sarantis

The Book: This Plague of Days: Season One

The Author: Robert Chazz Chute

TPOD season 1 ecoverThe Story: Jaimie Spencer is an autistic boy who rarely speaks. He’s obsessed with words and Latin dictionaries and his world barely intersects with our own. He’s the most unlikely hero to give us hope as civilization collapses. Packed with surprises, mysteries and cliffhangers, this serial is two stories in one: The desperate international thriller and the drama that unfolds in a living room just like yours. This Plague of Days is a compelling, literate horror story of Good and Evil on a collision course.

When terrorists release a virus, the flu pandemic kills millions. Then the virus mutates again. Survivors become rabid. Buckingham Palace is attacked, London falls and America’s about to suffer a British invasion bigger than The Beatles. The infected are coming and they are starving to spread the virus. These zombies are fast and they aren’t stupid.

This Plague of Days is a serial. Season One is The Siege. A Midwestern family must combat illness, looters, warlords and betrayal in America’s heartland. Their secret weapon is Jaimie, a selective mute whose capabilities only emerge as the crisis unfolds. However, even he can’t see the attack that’s coming next as human bio-weapons come to America in teeming masses.

Season Two of This Plague of Days hits in September 2013.

About the Author: Robert Chazz Chute is a former journalist who worked in Canadian book publishing before forming his own imprint, Ex Parte Press. He writes horror, suspense, crime novels and some non-fiction.

Review by Victor Morin: This Plague of Days scares me to death! I just can’t put it down; I have to see what happens next. Bring on Season Two!

Review by Ava J. Easterby: I think this storyline is brilliant. It’s not your cliched, run-of-the-mill zombie apocalypse story. It’s character driven. It’s cerebral. It’s awesome.

The first episode of This Plague of Days is the perfect balance of back story, anecdotes, and the events of the present crisis. Jaime, the main character, is fantastically written and surprisingly well thought out. His diagnosis on the Autistm Spectrum (formerly known as Aspergers), combined with his synthesesia (seeing emotions as color-auras) is a fresh aspect to an otherwise well-known genre.

The Book: Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles

The Author: Dimitri Sarantis

3621728_FrontThe Story:   This book is for lovers! It is for sensitive, romantic souls. People who wipe a tear as they watch a beautiful sunset… Or people who under the August full moon understand that life is “true, inflamed love”.

Paul, a handsome young Greek business executive guides Sophie, a younger ethereal beauty of a Greek Goddess in her Harvard Business School application. They are interested in one another. However, so many questions arise. Will they date, as Sophie has a steady boyfriend for six years, Robert, and as Paul still has a mad crush on his former girl friend at Harvard, Wendy? Will they fall in love, will he ask her to marry him and will their marriage ever take place, if at all.

Many threatening plots against their relationship unravel as they island hop the Greek Isles or jet around the world to Paris, Venice, India, Switzerland, Boston, NYC, Cuba, Boston and Vail Co. Robert, Sophie’s psychotic ex-boyfriend physically assaults her.  Wendy, Paul’s ex girl friend stalks Paul. Sophie’s mother constantly interferes in their affair. Paul’s, aristocratic and snobbish mother plots to turn the lovers apart. Alain, Paul’s classmate from Harvard grossly sexually harasses Sophie. Even Alice, Sophie’s sexy-bombshell sister wants to “share” Paul. Paul is definitely and passionately interested …

About the Author: The author was born in Athens, Greece in 1955 and is a dual U.S. / Greek citizen. He is a native English and Greek speaker. After obtaining his Engineering Sc. B. degree from Brown University in 1977 he earned his MBA in 1979 from Harvard Business School. He is married and has two children and lives in Athens.

He is currently employed by the largest Greek manufacturing Co. as the Senior Financial Analyst. His passion is to write romance fiction and poetry. He has written but not published three romance novels and a poetry book, all in Greek. Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles is his first published work in English, the language that he feels better enhances his writing.

Review by EC Stilson: Dimitri Sarantis writes with passion. His book captured me from the very beginning. You know you’ve discovered an amazing author when they inspire you to write and bring a strong reminder of why you wanted to be an author in the first place; that’s what happened when I read Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles.

While enjoying this book, I felt so much as part of the story, it seemed like I’d rekindled a relationship with a dear friend.

I will never forget this book. The characters are real, likable and intriguing. As a woman, part of me fell in love with Paul, even as I sympathized with Sophie (reveling in the good times and crying through the hard ones). The relationships in this book are very believable and remarkable.
I’m so glad to have read Dimitri Sarantis’ work. I would recommend Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles to anyone who loves reading romance.

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