Authors Showcase features the mysteries of Donalie Beltran and Joe Perrone Jr.

The Book: Murder Is A Family Affair

The Author: Donalie Beltran

Book_smThe Story:  Do you have murderers in your family tree?  I do. More than I could have imagined.

Some stories have to be told and so it is with the Tuxhorn family.

How many generations produced serial killers?

Did the need to murder come from those who came before?

More important, was it passed on for new generations to deal with?

After burning his way out of two murders, Charles Tuxhorn disappeared, Pinkerton looked for him worldwide, but couldn’t find him. Would this be the last of the evil?

Or is it just the beginning?

Can evil be inherited? Follow one family who believes it’s possible.



About the Author: I started researching my father’s ancestry in 1995 when Dad told me about a rumor he had heard as a child about some Tuxhorn being a killer. I thought I would go back and find this terrible person. Let the research begin

However, throughout the next 10 years, what I found was a family propensity to violence and murder. Not just one, but many. Violent tempers and uncontrollable rage was the norm. Were they born to be bad?

It took two years to write this book, but the truth hidden in my father’s family tree is finally n the light for all to see.

Review by Shannon A.: This is a well-written book that will capture your attention and not let it go. I read the book in two days, staying up late at night and into the next day, because I kept getting drawn into the drama and wanting to see what happened next.

What more can you ask from a book? You hear and see stories about the terrible things people do all the time in the media. But you never get the full story.

This true crime story is particularly fascinating, especially within the context of inherited evil. I definitely recommend that you get the book and find out for yourself what a good read it is!

The Book: Broken Promises

The Author: Joe Perrone Jr.

51xijStiNxL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-62,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Story: When the body of Maggie McFarland, an 86-year old widow, is found among the rubble of the once-famous, landmark Artemis Hotel, leveled by fire nearly seventy years ago, residents of Roscoe are shocked.

However, it is not the location where Maggie is found, but rather the manner of her demise that has everyone puzzled. For it isn’t a heart attack that has felled her; nor has she suffered a stroke, or taken a fatal fall from a porch.

Her life has not ended so uneventfully. Maggie has been killed by a bullet to the heart, fired from a pistol at close range. Who would possibly want to kill this kind, gentle woman, known throughout the area as one of the best trout fly tiers within a hundred miles of the famed Beaverkill River?

That is the mystery that confronts Matt Davis in Broken Promises, one of the most baffling cases of his career.

Review by Beeshon: I do love crime thrillers…in any form, whether they’re books, movies, or TV shows. I especially like crime thrillers with a recurring main character, e.g. the crime-busting detective/private eye. S/he may be a bad-tempered maverick (à la House), or s/he may be shabbily lovable (à la Colombo): either way, if s/he captivates me, I’ll be sure to read/watch subsequent adventures.

Matt Davies is one such character: he’s dedicated, gets the job done, but he’s compassionate and…well, just an all-round jolly good chap. If ever I was to have to be arrested, I think I’d want it to be by him!

In this novel, Matt has to get to the bottom of the tragic murder of a much-loved and well-respected elderly lady. A slightly confused elderly lady, who finds herself in the wrong place at the very wrong time. It’s a murder that shocks the Roscoe community. It’s senselessness motivates Matt even more to find out who her killer is, but he desperately short of clues and evidence.

Perrone once again pulls off not only combining first and third povs, but present and past tenses. It works brilliantly. The chapters are clearly titled, so you are never in any doubt where you are or who you are `with’. Matt’s private life is subtly intertwined with the task at hand (finding out who would murder such a harmless old lady and why) and is what enriches his character: he’s a thoroughly nice bloke.

There’s an interesting little diversion with Roscoe’s community matters: in this instance the opposition to wind farms. As with Twice Bitten by this author, all loose ends are neatly tied up. A thoroughly enjoyable book, and I’m a devoted Matt Davis fan.

Review by Linda Hawley: Broken Promises is just the kind of sleuthing that a reader wants in a good mystery. It’s written so well that you feel you are there, like a fly on the wall in the day of a detective.

If you like fly fishing, this story is right up your alley. It’s engaging, humorous, with a plot that keeps the reader wanting more. Broken Promises is fine novel indeed.

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