Authors Showcase features the inspirational works of Branka Cubrilo and Beca Lewis.

The Book: The Mosaic of the Broken Soul

The Author: Branka Cubrilo

themosaicofthebrokensoul2_LgThe Story: She called the lump in Her breast ‘a black pearl’, She called her Mother to nurse Her in the darkest hours, She called memories of the three men She loved at different times of Her life to draw the parallels between seemingly similar situations of betrayal. Who is going to betray her, who is going to stay…?

She struggles with the meaning of life trying to find it through themes of motherhood, friendship, betrayal, displacement, illness, pain, grief and loss.

She travels to Andalucia, London, The Isle of Man, where She meets colourful characters believing that the unknown can reverse the fragmentation and change reality, believing that all the little broken selves can once again bring the broken pieces into a cohesive mosaic.

Review by Morgan Drake: Exquisitely well-crafted, The Mosaic Of The Broken Soul is a highly-rewarding literary jewel. Chronicling one brave soul’s harrowing journey on the road to self-discovery, author Branka Cubrilo’s moving offering is equally heart-rending and uplifting. Touching on such delicate themes as motherhood, friendship, grief, loss, and surviving breast cancer, The Mosaic Of The Broken Soul takes the reader on an emotional, passion-filled roller coaster ride through the unfettered depths of the human soul—reassuring us all that even the darkest and longest of tunnels still has light at the end.

An insightful, brutally honest slice of unbridled humanity. Highly recommended.

Review by Jennifer Perry: Forget what you know, what you’ve read, any other story of or by a woman dealing with cancer, recovery, pain, loss, betrayal and hurt. Branka Cubrilo skips the traditional, chronological one or two dimensional memoir, replacing it with a mosaic of precious images weaving a tapestry of the narrator’s life and soul.

The Mosaic Of The Broken Soul is a breathtakingly beautiful work, nuanced and compelling, engaging with layers of discovery, self-awareness, introspection, pain and healing. It is how we come to terms with our selves, our history, desire for wholeness and peace. It is beautiful.

The Book: Living In Grace

The Author: Beca Lewis

51Zw7ZivZIL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-52,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_The story: We are all prisoners of our perception. Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception is a profound, practical, thought-provoking and complete guide to shifting the perceptions that stop us from realizing the relationships, the love, the work and the joy we desire in our lives.

Chapter by chapter, the reader is taken on an inner journey that encourages her to achieve her goals, and in so doing, lead a spiritual life. The 7 Keys to Grace and an eight step-by-step system based on the word GRACIOUS, along with worksheets, help the reader break out of prison into Heaven on Earth.

Review by Midwest Book Reviews: Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis is an impressively written and nicely organized self-help guide to achieving inner peace and wholeness through taking control of one’s perceptions.

Living In Grace features the “7 Keys to Grace” and the “8 Gracious Steps” for staying on the “Spiritual Path”. Readers are informed on a range of abilities from experience love, knowing whom to trust, being happy, and knowing what to do, to feeling safe, avoiding unnecessary worry, and being comforted in adversity.

Emphasizing the importance of putting God first and repenting of sins, as well as being aware of the necessity for balance in all relationships, Living In Grace is a profound, moving, constructive, “reader friendly” instructional guide to personal and spiritual self-improvement.

Review by Sunnymusic: Whether you’re sitting on top of the world or down in the dumps, deeply spiritual or wandering lost in doubt, rich beyond belief or wondering where your next meal is coming from, there is something in this book for you: a way to shift your point of view to live life to the hilt, unencumbered by negative thought and the worries you’ve always considered the natural consequences of living life on Earth.

Living In Grace is a practical guide to finding the good in everything you experience and everyone you meet, helping you turn the events and relationships in your life into positive building blocks on the road to your becoming the happy, creative person you’ve always wanted to be.



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