Authors Showcase: Ensconced by M. E. May

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The Book: Ensconced

The Author: M. E. May

The Story: Missing Person Detective and loving family man, Tyrone Mayhew, faces one of the toughest cases of his career–now a cold case he investigated ten years ago when Wendy Matherson and her vehicle vanished without a trace.

New evidence has come to light and now Tyrone and his partner, Sergeant Benjamin Jacobs, must sort through years of old evidence and interview persons of interest and witnesses one more time. They soon discover that Wendy’s youngest son may be their best witness.

After years of nightmares, this young man is ready to try anything to pull the memories so deeply ensconced in his subconscious to the surface so he can finally be at peace with what happened to his mother.

The more Tyrone digs, the more dangerous the investigation becomes. When Tyrone’s family is placed in mortal danger, it sparks Tyrone to work more diligently to discover what really happened the night Wendy Matherson disappeared.

He must find resolution before this case tears Tyrone’s happy life completely apart.

About M. E May:

M. E. May
M. E. May

M. E. May lives in the Far Northwest Suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Paul, and their white Husky, Iris. Born in Indianapolis, she spent most of her years there or in a suburban town near there. Although she has physically moved away, her heart still lives in her hometown. She has a son, daughter, and four wonderful grandsons living in central Indiana.

She attended Indiana University in Kokomo, Indiana, studying Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her interest in the psychology of humans sparked the curiosity to ask why they commit such heinous acts upon one another. Other interests in such areas as criminology and forensics have moved her to put her vast imagination to work writing crime fiction that is as accurate as possible. In doing so, she depicts societal struggles that pit those who understand humanity with those who are lost in a strange and dangerous world of their own making.

In creating the Circle City Mystery Series, she brings to life fictional characters who work diligently to bring justice to victims of crime in the city of Indianapolis. Michele also hopes her readers will witness through her eyes, the wonderful city she calls her hometown. Learn more about Michele at

Review by Karen Hancock: Ensconced, the third novel in the Circle City Mystery Series by M.E. May, tells the story of Detectives Tyrone Mayhew and his partner, Ben Jacobs, who work in the Missing Persons Department, and are faced with solving a 10 year old cold case murder when the victim’s submerged car is discovered by two fishermen. Shortly afterward a psychic tells the police where to find the body. The victim’s husband insists that the victim, Wendy Masterson, ran off with a lover, and two of his sons collaborate his story, as well as their alibis on the night of the murder. His third son, Jared, has experienced horrible nightmares over the entire 10 years, and can’t remember anything that happened the night his mother disappeared. His father and brothers have been brainwashing him to make sure he won’t remember.

As the investigation progresses, Jared becomes convinced that he must find a way to break through his suppressed memory to find the key to what really happened to his mother. He cooperates with Tyrone and Ben to help solve the murder, but his father and brothers, who know what actually happened, try to prevent the police from investigating. Although Tyrone was involved in the original investigation as a rookie and trusted what his experienced partner deemed important, he discovers that several leads were not followed, the crime scene wasn’t processed, and evidence was ignored. As Tyrone and Ben get closer to solving the crime, their lives and the lives of their loved ones, as well as professionals helping on the case, are in grave danger. As clues are uncovered, the suspense builds, and there are twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Although the story is filled with surprises, parts of the plot are fairly predictable; readers may figure out who the perpetrators are before it is revealed. However, there is still suspense as the main characters are threatened and put in dangerous situations, and it is still a good read.

While Ensconced is a short, quick read, the characters are well-developed, and the story is well-written. The characters are down-to-earth, and believable. The events in their personal lives outside of the Department make them seem real. Although there is the implication of violence, it is not graphic, so this novel is a good choice for suspense readers of all ages. For those looking for an easy suspense novel, Ensconced is recommended.

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