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The Book: Whether I’ll Live or Die

The Author: Stacy Eaton

The Story:  Stacy Eaton is a full-time Police Officer who enjoys crime scene investigation above all else. She is a mother of two and her husband is also in law enforcement.

Stacy uses her experience at work to make the stories more believable. Weaving bits of crime solving knowledge into her stories of fiction to make them more lifelike.

Whether I’ll Live or Die is a fictional story about a young woman named Amanda who deals with the pain and emotional issues of Domestic Violence. You will read about how Amanda deals with the things life hands her while you follow Nicole Nolan as she grows at her new job as a police officer. This book is very emotional and intense as it deals with the all to real problems that face people in violent relationships.

Review by G. E. Johnson: Whether I’ll Live or Die is a riveting read that evokes several emotional responses as you read. The book details the lives of “Amanda” and “Nicole,” two women who appear to be very different from the beginning of the book, but who become inextricably tied together by the end in a surprising and poignant twist. From beginning to end, both of their stories are raw and real, one trying to cope with an ongoing cycle of domestic abuse, the other dealing with life as a police officer inevitably drawn into violent crime. If you have an aversion to graphic violence or abuse, this is not the book for you. You will find traces of fairy tale love and romance, but it serves more as intermittent relief from an ongoing theme of brutality throughout the entire novel rather than hold a place as a prominent theme of its own. I repeat – this novel is raw and REAL, not for the squeamish.

Don’t get me wrong. The violence is not gratuitous in any way. It is the essence of the experiences of these two women – experiences that will make you angry, sad, afraid, and even resolute in your pursuit of the final pages in order to see how it all ends. I will not give away spoilers, but I can say that there will be vindication by the end of the story. However, how you arrive at the ultimate resolution is a brilliantly crafted journey that engages the reader both emotionally and psychologically. The author teaches us that ultimately, destiny is in our own hands and we decide whether our spirits will live or die in this lifetime.

Review by AManemann: Life changing, compelling and heartbreaking are just a few of the words I would use to describe author Stacy Eaton’s novel, Whether I’ll Live or Die. The author takes us on a compelling and life changing journey with characters Nicole and Amanda, two women whose lives are at complete opposites and yet inextricably intertwined.

Whether I’ll Live or Die focuses on the realities of Domestic Abuse, something that is all too prevalent in this day and age. It also takes us through life as a police officer and the violent crimes they face on a daily basis. Nothing about this story is sugar coated.

The Book: Island of Steel

The Author: Peter Tong

The Story: Island of Steel is a WWII heroic adventure set in the Nazi-occupied Channel Islands.

It could be the most outrageous bunch of heroes you’ve ever met: fearless American airman Curtis Olson; reckless RAF pilot Hartley-Penrose; two merciless Resistance fighters, Claude and knife-wielding Marie-Claire; gruff, tough commando Sam Haines; and bi-polar spymaster Eric Baker. All stranded on the heavily fortified island of Guernsey – and all desperate to escape.

But Operation Hawkwind orders them to kidnap a visiting high-ranking German officer, whose capture will drastically change the course of the war. Yet they only have twenty-four hours before he leaves. So now these reluctant heroes – even more reluctant when they discover the officer’s identity – are forced into a critical race against the clock as they try to get to the closely guarded VIP. Their chances of kidnapping him and escaping with their lives grow slim as the hours flash by. Eventually, after numerous failed attempts, they meet up in a suicidal confrontation.

But a new revelation changes everything.


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