Authors Showcase: Concealment by Rose Edmunds


The Book: Concealment

The Author: Rose Edmunds

The Story: Amy is at the top of her game as a finance professional despite a traumatic childhood. But the higher she climbs, the greater her fear of falling.

Her new boss Ed sniffs out insecurity like a shark smelling blood. He’s trashed dozens of careers on a whim and has Amy lined up as his next victim.

When a young colleague is murdered, Amy’s fragile equilibrium is shattered. A client’s fraud may be linked to the killing, but no one seems to care.

Caught in a tangle of business and personal connections, and fighting for her sanity, can Amy find the moral courage to uncover the truth?

Concealment is the second novel of British author Rose Edmunds. It’s a dark psychological thriller set in the cut-throat environment of the City of London, in which a high-flying executive struggles to expose the truth about fraud and murder in a toxic, corrupt workplace. At its heart, this is the story of one woman’s struggle against her own insecurities – a universal theme.

About Rose Edmunds:

Rose Edmunds
Rose Edmunds

Rose Edmunds lives in Brighton with her husband David. She gained a degree in mathematics at the University of Sussex and a PhD from Cardiff University, before qualifying as a chartered accountant and embarking on a successful career advising entrepreneurial businesses together with their owners.

She worked for Arthur Andersen and Grant Thornton, before being headhunted to join Deloitte as a partner. In 2007, after more than 20 years in the business she jumped off the corporate hamster wheel and now writes financial thrillers with a strong ethical theme. Her writing draws heavily on her considerable insight into the business world and in particular the uncomfortable conflict between individual and corporate objectives.

Rose is also a trustee of Brightside, a charity helping young people to access career and education opportunities they might not have believed were available to them.

Review by Ray Green:

This is a thoroughly engaging thriller set in the world of big business and finance. It centres around the proposed acquisition of a large company in the construction business by another, even larger, FTSE-listed company. All seems to be going well, until the tax authorities, suspecting some irregularity in the target company’s tax position propose an investigation. The company rolls over (too easily) and concedes. It later emerges that, in fact, their tax position was sound, so why didn’t they fight their corner? Did they have something more serious to hide?

Before long we witness murder, suicide, lies, and deception as the various parties involved pursue their various dark agendas.

Amy Robinson, a high-flying city executive, fights to untangle the mystery, all the time undermined by those around her who have vested interests in making sure the truth is not uncovered. Amy’s character is brilliantly portrayed: she is gutsy, determined, and has a healthy disregard for corporate bull****. Yet underneath, she is insecure – scarred by her childhood experiences. As the pressure on her racks up, she experiences disturbing mental aberrations and begins to doubt her own sanity.

We are kept guessing right through the book as to exactly what skulduggery has taken place. I confess I didn’t work it out until almost the end.

The icing on the cake of this superb book is that the grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax are virtually faultless – sadly, a rarity in many of today’s books.

Review by Gezza B.:

I had read Rose Edmunds’ debut novel – Never Say Sorry – and eagerly awaited her second book. When Concealment was published, I read it almost without putting it down. Yes – it really is that good! I’m now awaiting the author’s next (third) book even more!

I confess to being an avid reader of crime thrillers. This time the hero(ine) is not a flawed police inspector but a (flawed) high-flying lady partner – Amy Robinson – specialising in tax in a large London professional services firm. The background is that her firm are working for an important client on their side of having received a takeover bid and the client’s tax affairs are a key element in whether the deal goes ahead. This book is for everyone – no knowledge of tax or takeovers is required! It’s that well-written.

Amy is brilliant, stressed, hiding a childhood secret, supportive of her staff, prone to plain speaking and determined to do the right thing. The book is written in the first person and the dialogue between Amy and the voice in her head (young Amy) is priceless.

The author’s style is fabulous and not a sentence, phrase or word is wasted. The story bounces along at a fast pace, with many sub-plots weaving in and out of the main plot. For me, the way Rose Edmunds draws her characters, and colours them in, is a joy. For those of us who have worked in large professional services firms they are instantly recognisable; and for those who haven’t it’s a fascinating insight into a work-dominated dog-eat-dog environment exhibiting (by some scheming characters) some fairly vile political posturing that makes those characters instantly dislikeable.

Amy gets through it, but not without some serious questioning of her sanity (by her as well as others) along the way. The denouement is expertly crafted. Well done Rose Edmunds – bring on the return of Amy very soon please!

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