Authors Showcase: Commit to Get Fit by Laura Dion-Jones

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The Book: Commit to Get Fit

The Author: Laura Dion-Jones

The Story: Commit to Get Fit is a diet and fitness book for everyone who has tried everything in the past and nothing worked.

This is a kind of a last-ditch effort to get themselves back from obesity’s brink. That’s why it’s different. I shoot straight from the hip, pull no punches, walk the walk and walk the talk. The engaging advice and easy-to-follow programs are accountability-based and help people take personal responsibility for their weight, fitness, and their lives – Once and for all.

* Find the diet that’s right for you, develop daily cardio discipline and achieve lifelong wellness success

* Laura says, “You gotta wanna, there is no other way,” then she helps people wanna and shows them how.

* Laura not only walks the walk, but walks the talk having lost 130 pounds in 2 ½ years on her own – no gimmicks, no fads.

* Redefines and improves the healthy eating and fitness of all individuals with an emphasis on health, wellness and behavior change.

* Laura makes sure you know you have choices: other options in diet, health, fitness and lifestyle than you’re traditionally used to.

* Laura gives people courage and hope when and where there is none by proving positive change is possible and that the rewards are immediate – all they have to do is wanna.

About Laura Dion-Jones:

Laura Dion-Jones
Laura Dion-Jones

Laura Dion-Jones is a pro-health activist, Corporate Wellness Coach (CCWC), Certified Wellness Coach (CWC), radio show host, and motivational weight loss and lifestyle speaker/writer.

Laura’s weight loss success story speaks for itself. She shed 150 pounds in 2-1/2 years by cutting white starch and sugary carbs from her diet and by making walking her daily cardio of choice. Serious walking! 

Since 1/1/2003, Laura has walked over 35,000 miles. That’s all the way around the earth at the equator.

And she’s still walking daily — for the health of it. Today, she’s considered an “Elite Walker” averaging over 50 miles per week. 

Laura brings expertise and vast experience in fitness, fashion, and beauty to her coaching career.

This background has helped her become one of the country’s top experts and motivational coaches in the fields of weight loss, fitness walking, improved personal appearance and increased self-esteem.

Think of Laura as a catalyst, a one-of-a-kind motivator who provides effective, accountability-based fitness programs and motivational seminars for healthy weight loss and maintenance – custom-tailored to the needs of the individual or corporate wellness program.

Her coaching touches on the physical, emotional and environmental aspects of each person’s life. With her straightforward and encouraging “if I can do it, YOU can do it” approach, Laura will give you, your employees, or your organization the jumpstart needed for increased, sustainable wellness.

It’s a win-win.

Balancing personal health and on-the-job, professional performance will help your employees lead productive, happy and well-balanced lives. And what company doesn’t want happy, more productive employees? See

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