Authors Showcase: Children's Tales

The Book: Pooh Gets A Beating

The Author: Magda M. Olchawska

The Illustrator: Agata Boba

The Story: Pooh and Sunshine Bunny Boy are best friends forever. From the first moment the two of them met they became inseparable and have been doing everything together.
However, one day to mommy’s horror she witnessed Sunshine giving his best friend Pooh a beating.

Review:Pooh Gets a Beating is a story on how one little boy, Sunshine Bunny Boy, learned tolerance, how to manage his anger, and consequences for inappropriate behavior. I love the illustrations and text on this colorful book. The author demonstrates one form of consequence, which Sunshine Bunny Boy may receive if he did not treat his best friend Pooh with respect.

“She also explains a better way in which SBB may deal with his frustration and anger. The story will resonate with many parents and grandparents. The theme of the story centers on the Golden Rule, treat others the way you would expect to be treated. It is a message everyone should know. I think the author does a brilliant job of explaining consequence so youngsters may grasp the reality of their actions.”

Review: Pooh Gets a Beating is beautifully illustrated and the story is well written. I loved the lesson and that it was told in such a gentle but understandable way for children. My younger grandchildren loved the book and wanted it read to them again and again. This is a sure sign of a good child.”

The Book: Eddie and Bingo: A Friendship Tale

The Authors: Kathleen Taylor and Katherine L. Taylor

The Story: Eddie and Bingo: A Friendship Tale is a children’s book written by a Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law writing team. It was written to honor the Korean War Veterans and all who serve in our U.S. military past and present.

Eddie a young Navy photographer stands ready to deploy on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, as Bingo a tiny lost pup hides on board the ship. Based on true events which occurred during the Korean War.This timeless tale illustrates the importance of teamwork and the strong bond that only friendships can create. Prepare to go along on this heartwarming journey with- Eddie and Bingo and the rest of their shipmates as they cruise the vast waters of the Pacific.

Kathleen Taylor points out: “This book was written to honor my father Edward, a combat photographer during the Korean War. After his enlisted days were over he continued to work for the Navy as a civilian at Grumman Aerospace in New York and in California.

When I was a child of about five my dad would be sent out on aircraft carriers to test radar and navigational systems. He would be gone for about a week or two at a time. I remember not being able to sleep because I didn’t want him to go.

He said the night before a trip : “Did I ever tell you about Bingo the little puppy I found on an aircraft carrier?” Well that was the start of it, we asked him every night when he returned to “tell us another Bingo story”.

I promised my dad if I ever write a children’s book It would be about “Eddie and Bingo”. He said not “if” ,WHEN. My father passed away in May of 2009. But not before seeing my first three drawings – and I explained that my mother-in-law Katherine and I were going to finally tell his tale. He gave us two thumbs up!”

Review: “A MUST READ! This book is a must read. A real story of true friendship. I think all libraries should have a copy of this book for children as well as adults to read. This book is easy to read and holds your attention. I sincerely believe that this book is a winner to assist in developing children to honor friendship.”

Review: “My kids and I looked through this book, and it had such a beautiful TRUE story… and the illustrations were very kid-friendly!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to all who have children…I am going to buy one for my kid’s school library!”


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