Authors Showcase: Chasing Shadows by Christina Moore


The Book: Chasing Shadows

The Author: Christina Moore

The Story: Saphrona Caldwell is a 233-year-old human-vampire hybrid who maintains a quiet existence in the strangest of places: on a farm, where she raises chickens and breeds horses, pigs, and dairy cows.

A far cry from the life of Gothic glamour she once lived, she has all but walked away entirely from the world into which she was born.

Her life is forever changed when she meets Mark Singleton, an immortal human whose blood is powerfully alluring and even narcotic to vampires.

Though pleased to know her destined bondmate at last, Saphrona’s happiness is complicated by a request to find someone who doesn’t actually exist, Mark’s shape-shifting half-sister, and the danger posed by an individual who is not above committing arson, kidnapping, and murder.

About Christina Moore:

Christina Moore
Christina Moore

Christina Moore once had such a passionate love of law and order that she couldn’t decide whether she should be a cop or a lawyer. Eventually she came to realize that her life experiences weren’t taking her down either path, and that her heart’s true desire was in the written word.

Always full of imagination, she decided to put pen to paper, and later fingers to keyboard. Thus far she has explored the paranormal and taken a trip through romantic suspense. When not clacking away at the keys on her laptop, she enjoys good times with family and friends, catching up on the TV shows she misses when she’s writing, or losing herself for a few hours in a good book.

She lives in a rural community in Ohio and is “hu-mom” to two Chihuahuas and two Siberian Huskies.

Review by Karli Rush:

When I pick up a book to read, I am hoping for several things. A story definitely worth reading, characters that will stay with me, and my desire to read more.

Chasing Shadows did not disappoint on all three accounts. I fell into the dynamics of each character with ease and became not only intrigued with the protagonist and her bondmate, but the supporting characters as well.

After finishing this book, I see there is so much more to come, and that is a great thing. I have my eye on this author.

I think that I, like many others, have fallen into the need to know more about Juliette and Lochlan. Bravo to Christina Moore! With this being her debut novel, I am thrilled about her next release, which I hope will be very soon!

Review by Caitlin Hensely:

Chasing Shadows is a fantastic read. The vampire lore is well written and very descriptive, and the intricate details make the story world seem real to the reader.

The characters are believable and realistic, and the fact that Saphrona lives on a farm makes the story original, and helps it stand out from the crowded paranormal genre.

There are several surprises in the plot that I didn’t see coming, and the ending pages are filled with drama and intense action.

All in all, an engaging read. I can’t wait to read the next book, From the Shadows, and find out more about Juliette!

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