Authors Showcase: Chasing Mercy by Stacy Claflin


The Book: Chasing Mercy

The Author: Stacy Claflin

The Story: The summer after graduation SHOULD have been the most exciting time of Mercy’s life.

Instead, on the way to an exciting overseas trip, she barely survives a tragic accident. As soon as she’s released from the hospital, strange, unexplainable things happen all around her. Her sexy new neighbor, Kit, who runs a paranormal blog, thinks her near-death experience has made her sensitive to things on the other side.

Mercy can’t move on with her life with everything going on around her, so with Kit’s help, they look for answers. What they uncover is more sinister than either imagined. The stakes rise when Mercy realizes her growing feelings for Kit. She doesn’t want him to get hurt, but she can’t turn away spending time with him, and he’s determined to help her.

The accident didn’t take her life, but the unseen forces very well may.

About Stacy Claflin:

Stacy Claflin
Stacy Claflin

I love writing, reading, and watching most anything. My favorite shows include Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, and Once Upon a Time.

I’ve been writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my storytelling would get me into trouble when I would try to convince others that my stories were real.

When I’m not busy writing, I spend time with my family. I also educate my kids from home.

Review by SBW8384:

Chasing Mercy was to me, addicting. I read the whole book in twenty-four hours. I like the mystery, thriller, paranormal kind of books so I chose this book because of the description.

This book has a wonderful storyline with which you get caught up in. But you get to the end and it’s like Whoa, not what I was expecting. Definitely can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Review by Reading Renee:

The summer after graduation should have been the most exciting time of Mercy’s life. Right? I mean the first sentence gets you right in the heart. The first three chapters were really emotional and raw. I totally loved the book. It is not my usual read, but I think it was what I would call a ghost story, well, no the ghost is sort of purgatory, so maybe a romance with a sub plot of paranormal. I think I may need to create a new genre LOL.

Instead, on the way to an exciting overseas trip, she barely survives an accident that kills the rest of her family. As soon as she’s released from the hospital, a creepy hooded figure with black skinny jeans begins to chase her. The Reaper who is nick named “Creeper” is stalking her, watching, floating, just THERE

Now back home, Mercy has some feeling of being watched. She sees her new neighbor move in and lucky for her he turns out to be her confidant. Kit, runs a paranormal blog and his entire female family is sensitive and clairvoyant. He feel like he has never actually seen a ghost because he is a man. He even jokes that his “plumbing” gets in the way of his dream, seeing a real ghost.

So many things happen between Mercy and Kit. They build a close relationship where he is an adviser Mercy is falling for Kit. Well to be honest I was too. Mercy’s mom is East Indian and Dad is Scandinavian so Kit, being on the slightly fair and red headed makes Mercy drawn to him. He resembles what her Dad did when he was younger. She discovers that the creepy hooded figure is holding her dad’s ghost captive so she enlists the help of Kit to rescue her dad from the ghost who’s chasing her.

Truth be told, I learned that the Grim Reaper can also be female. Holy *** I was scared to sleep. I thought over and over about the skinny jeans and then convinced myself that I couldn’t define a traditional reaper. Crazy thoughts! I recommend this across the board. Great book.

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