Authors Showcase: Charged with Suspense

The Book: A Changed Reality

The Author: David Atkinson

The Story: Patrick A Steele has discovered an injustice which involves organized crime and kidnapping for the sex trade and he applies his unique skillset to disrupt the evil group behind these heinous atrocities.

This fourth Steele novel continues the association of our hero with the Japanese Gurentai to one of whom he is becoming increasingly romantically attached – but is it reciprocated? When weekend rioting seems to be driven by some hidden force Patrick and his confederates travel in the UK and Eastern Europe in an effort to overcome the activities of an evil crime lord and his hired assassin.

This is the fourth Steele novel and he is in action with the team that he has developed in previous tales. The Gurentai and practice of Aikido are still driving forces in his life.

Our hero travels to Poland and the Czech Republic while Takuo Sumisu pays a flying visit to Chicago in this fast moving and disturbing glimpse into what could be all our future lives.

Author David Atkinson has said: “This is my latest Steele novel, and, in one way, it represents a new departure for me as it is written in the future, not far in the future but far enough to allow me to manipulate and speculate with the way in which society may change. Much of the speculation is derived from current situations in our world and one possible outcome.

“This of course has interesting consequences. For example I have started writing a fifth Steele novel and it has to follow on from the above so it is slightly further into the future!

“Now I have great admiration for those authors and writers who produce futuristic novels and would never claim to want to try that particular genre myself but I think I may have driven myself into a situation whereby that is what I’m doing. One of the skills I have discovered in writing in this way that is related to being a good liar – you need to have a good memory.”

The Book: Southern Investigation

The Author: Bert Carson

The Story: Bill Simmons, David Hendricks, and Robert Hightower served almost three years together in Vietnam, leaving only when they were “wounded out.” They, along with Shirley Jacobson, a widow whose husband was killed in Vietnam, formed Southern Investigation, a commercial private investigation company.

David, seriously wounded when he and Bill intervened to thwart a convenience store robbery attempt, required a helicopter evacuation. That was the beginning of Southern Investigation’s involvement in a POW rescue that involved the DEA and President Ronald Reagan.

Southern Investigation is the story of Vietnam Veterans facing the effects of the war – building meaningful relationship – and experiencing advanced esoteric teachings…

Review by Jo VonBargen: This book grabbed me by the gut, but the reason for that is as much about what it does as a piece of storytelling as it is what it does thematically. It’s as much about the characters and how I grew to care about them as it is the questions the story asks, and how much these matter to my life – to all of our lives, really. The fact that I can’t really separate my emotional and my intellectual responses to this story speaks to how excellent it is.

Obviously I know this is a book, but my emotional investment is such I just can’t quite analyze it as a piece of fiction – not just yet. Don’t you love when this happens? When a story feels so real that until you finish it you walk around in a daze, worrying about the characters? The story is well crafted with all the twists, turns and clever moments of the best thrillers. It’s charged with suspense, wonderful humor…and rife with sparks of unpredictability. Best of all, the author’s incredibly warm humanity and personal senses of loyalty, honor and harmony with the cosmos lend their lambent glow throughout.

The careful reader will notice how dispassionately the author describes events that happened in Viet Nam, revealing a level of acceptance of things as they are, not as we wish them to be…keeping it real, so to speak. This acceptance, as we later understand in the story, underlies the reason that seemingly impossible things can happen when we release our old belief systems and hang our expectations one notch higher onto another plane entirely. It’s truly heady, mind-growing stuff, and not in a pesky dogmatic sense, but in a perfectly natural, quiet, unassuming unfolding, which is key to opening the realm of possibilities.

The author basically nails everything. There is not a false note in this whole incredible book. His storytelling capabilities are finely honed and we are helplessly caught up and carried like leaves on a gurgling brook.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this book, in fact all of his books. There is so much depth to what is written here, that you will find yourself thinking about it long after you put it down. Bert Carson is obviously one of the most soulful, selfless, incredible intellects you could ever come across, and he has truly given the world a great gift with his works. See if you don’t agree.

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