Authors Showcase: Braced for Murder by Sue Owens Wright


The Book: Braced for Murder

The Author: Sue Owens Wright

The Story:  When Beanie volunteers to foster a homeless basset hound from Lakeside Animal Shelter, she’s headed for calamity one way or another. Beanie and Cruiser are on the Tahoe crime trail once again after a reviled shelter manager is discovered euthanized. Tahoe Animal Impoundment Liberation Society (TAILS) is a prime suspect in her murder, but there are plenty of other suspects among South Lake Tahoe’s irate dog lovers, including the grieving owner of Gilda, an ill-fated basset rumored to haunt the shelter.

If Beanie doesn’t have enough trouble unleashed on her with another murder to solve and daughter Nona’s health scare, foster dog Calamity is living up to her name, creating havoc at the MacBean house. With all her behavioral issues, this crazy hound could make a dog whisperer scream. Beanie is eager to find an adopter for Calamity at the upcoming Basset Waddle fundraiser for a new no-kill animal shelter, but Calamity has other ideas.

When TAILS crashes the Waddle rally and parade, chaos ensues. After Cruiser mysteriously vanishes during the mêlée, Beanie discovers he’s being held at the shelter and could be destroyed. Racing to Cruiser’s rescue, she stumbles into a deadly trap intended to put an end to the murder investigation along with Beanie and her crime-busting canine. When it looks like all may be lost, Cruiser and Calamity are “braced” for murder as they pair up to track the killer and save Beanie from a cruel death at the dog pound.

Sue Owens Wright
Sue Owens Wright

About the Author: Sue Owens Wright is an author of both fiction and nonfiction about dogs and writes the award-winning Pets & Their People newspaper column and the Healthy Pet column for AKC GAZETTE. She is a ten-time nominee for the coveted Maxwell, awarded annually by the Dog Writers Association of America to the best writer on the subject of dogs.

She has twice won the Maxwell Award and also earned special recognition from the Humane Society of the United States for her work. She writes the popular Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series for dog lovers, which includes the following novels: Howling Bloody Murder, Sirius About Murder, Embarking on Murder and the soon-to-be-released Braced for Murder (May 2013). Her nonfiction books include What’s Your Dog’s IQ?, 150 Activities for Bored Dogs, and People’s Guide to Pets, to which she contributed chapters on dog care for Borders.

Review by Harriett Klausner: This interesting amateur sleuth stars a fine protagonist who’s at home with the dogs probably more so than with people except for her best friend Rosie Clark, a canine lover of course. Though the killer and the motive come out of nowhere, Beanie outthinks the pros in solving the case while endangering herself.

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