Authors Showcase: The Beddington Incident by Bill Flynn


The Book: The Beddington Incident

The Author: Bill Flynn

The Story: In July of 2013 a strange black package with the words, SS Beddington, Top Secret, came up in the net of a fishing trawler off Cape Cod. Because of its classification the captain of the trawler, Peter Broderick, does not open it, but notifies the Navy under the impression that they’ll declassify it and it will belong to him as an artifact taken from the sea.

Wrong! The Navy confiscates the package, stating that there is no record of the Beddington being sunk during WW ll. The trail toward the package’s origination, sixty-eight years before, is filled with mystery, suspense, foreign intrigue and even cover-up activity dating back to the year 1945, during WW ll.

Peter Broderick and marine biologist Janie Sheffield with the help of a Massachusetts Senator and the captain of a deep sea salvage ship, Sean Kelly, attempt to prove the existence of the SS Beddington to the Navy. They also need to determine the content of its top secret cargo that’s emitting gamma radiation near the wreck… an ecosystem for marine life.

The trail to find out why the Beddington sinking by a German U-boat was a government cover-up starts in Strassfurt, Germany in 1945 where material to build one of Hitler’s secret weapons is captured by the U.S. Army.

It continues to the port of Avonmouth England where the Beddington is loaded with the captured material and other cargo from Russia…then onboard German U-boat, U-873, in the Gulf of Maine.

The story ends in 2013 four-hundred feet down in the Atlantic where the ship, ‘that never was,’ is located and the contents in its hold number four discovered. This initiates an intriguing turn of events. Their shock of what’s discovered there gets answered for the reader in Munich, Germany.

About Bill Flynn:

Bill Flynn
Bill Flynn

Bill Flynn is a retired aerospace engineer who lives in New Hampshire with his wife Barbara. Bill’s follow-on career was devoted to golf product exporting.

Both careers took him to the places where his second novel, THE FEATHERY, a story where mystery and suspense surround the game of golf. Bill’s first novel, A DEADLY CLASS REUNION is a thriller based on the consequences of bullying. His third, A DRUMBEAT TOO NEAR: Cape Cod WW ll was published in 2011 and is a work of historical fiction. This book was followed recently by another historical fiction saga, THE BEDDINGTON INCIDENT.

His hobbies are playing golf and trying to grow patio tomatoes when he’s not visiting his five daughters and theirs scattered across America.

Review by J. D. Michael Phelps:

AUTHOR BILL FLYNN is a master at weaving a story full of intrigue and mystery surrounding historical events.

THE BEDDINGTON INCIDENT does not disappoint. It opens in 2013 with a Fishing Trawler pulling up a sealed black package marked “SS BEDDINGTON – TOP SECRET” in the Waters off Cape Cod. The captain, Peter Broderick immediately calls the U. S. Navy, who wasted no time in taking charge of the mysterious package. Captain Broderick is curious when the Navy denies the existence of the “SS BEDDINGTON.”

He teams with marine biologist Janie Sheffield and deep sea salvage captain Sean Kelly to prove to the U. S. Navy that they lost the “SS BEDDINGTON.”

The mystery deepens when a Massachusetts Senator becomes involved. The novel takes the reader back to the months just prior to the end of World War II with a mix of Nazi secret weapons, and U-Boats operating off the east coast of the United States.

This is a nail-biting read, one I could not put down! Another excellent work by Author Bill Flynn. I will continue to read every novel he brings us.

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