Authors Showcase: Band of Demons by Rob Blackwell

Band of Demons Final

The Book: Band of Demons

The Author: Rob Blackwell

The Story: The past is always at your heels…

Quinn O’Brion and Kate Tassel, two community journalists, tapped into a dark power last Halloween in order to stop a vicious serial killer. But they are still grappling with their new abilities–and wondering if what they unleashed may soon consume them.

While they confront what they have become, a new threat is hunting them–a force that could destroy their whole town.

Band of Demons continues the epic story of The Sanheim Chronicles.


Rob Blackwell
Rob Blackwell

A Celtic legend and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” collide in The Sanheim Chronicles, a trilogy that deftly combines urban fantasy, mystery, and suspense.

Book One, A Soul to Steal: “When I first downloaded ‘A Soul to Steal‘ I had no idea I would get sucked into a series that would fire my imagination and twist mythologies so thoroughly.”

Book Two: Band of Demons, has earned rave reviews for its “plot twists that will leave you gasping for air.”

Book Three: Give the Devil His Due has been called “a stellar conclusion to one of the best trilogies I’ve ever read… I’m still reeling from the ending.”

Praise for the Sanheim Chronicles:

“Not only are the intricacies of Blackwell’s tale well-planned and flawlessly executed, there is a consistent element of surprise. While A Soul to Steal was undoubtedly an adventure worth taking, its sequel is the journey of a lifetime.”

— Indie Reader

“I am happy to cheer Mr. Blackwell on as he draws us into his supernatural thriller, The Sanheim Chronicles.

— Mark Metcalf, Actor (The Master, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

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