Authors Showcase: Adventure & Suspense

The Book: The Seventh Stone

The Author: Pamela Hegarty

The Story: With the action of Indiana Jones and the history of Dan Brown, The Seventh Stone is action-packed with a mysterious shaman, a brutal murder, bloodthirsty pirates, vicious beasts, a ruthless villain, a gunfight at an archeological site, a brilliant and beautiful heroine and a ruggedly handsome hero—no spoilers here, only the highlights from the opening scenes.

At the action’s core is a lost Biblical artifact, the Breastplate of Aaron, and the deadly chase to find seven legendary gemstones stolen from it. The Breastplate is the companion piece to the Ark of the Covenant. You’ve seen it before in Indiana Jones. Indy’s rival archaeologist wears it when he opens the Ark in the desert.

This time, hero and villain both seek to solve the ultimate mystery – what happens after we die? The Seventh Stone is provocative and suspenseful, and may spark controversy as it challenges the line between reality and faith.

Note from the author: “In The Seventh Stone, I tried to create the type of book I love to read, an action-packed quest not only for a powerful artifact, but for the essence of what makes us who we are. I wanted to give readers a page-turner that raises questions more than gives answers.

“When I was researching and writing The Seventh Stone, I stumbled across historic facts and “coincidences” that were uncanny in how they fit into the plot. It was as though the story could actually be real and had to be told. And that is what The Seventh Stone is at its core, a daring look at what is real and what is faith.”

The Seventh Stone has been nominated for Global Ebook Award. Winner will be announced in August 2012.

A Review by Jersey Sue: “If you like your thrillers to offer up more than just big explosions and car chases, The Seventh Stone is for you. Heroine Christa Devlin is a Princeton professor on a quest to find the Breastplate of Aaron, biblical artifact that allows its owner to talk to God. Rational Christa has her doubts, but she enters into the chase to help her father and sister.

“Needless to say, there are other powerful forces–a religious zealot, some terrorists, and the U.S. government–after the Breastplate as well. Author Hegarty leads readers on a breathless chase across several continents as the clock ticks on a major terrorist attack against the US. Along the way, readers learn fascinating bits of history, archeology and religion. The complex plot comes together neatly for an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Read it!”

A Review by Jewels: “The Seventh Stone captured me on so many levels. I’m not normally an action adventure enthusiast, but I loved the storyline, which is an intelligently crafted web of historical events and modern day action spanning settings from the Arizona dessert to the Middle East and South America. The characters were well developed and rang true in their diverse motivations. I especially liked the heroine, Christa Devlin, who is neither a feminine sidekick nor an aggressive hero.

“Instead, she uses wit and intelligence to piece together the mystery of the Breastplate and get one step ahead of her billionaire adversary. The layers of this plot are interwoven with depth and complexity, making the book a smart page-turner. In the end I was captivated by the philosophic questions of what drives human decisions and what choices we are capable of making. What a treat to read a thriller that makes me think!”

The Book: View from My Soul

The Author: Jill Pritchett

The Story: Sarah Seere, coal baron heiress, debuting psychic, mountain climber and equestrienne, has some monumental dilemmas to resolve: Two murders. A missing child. A threatening foe. A budding practice as a psychic. Sure she’s bewildered. And even her psychic powers seem uncertain.

It’s a beautiful autumn day when Sarah rides her horse up Stony Mountain and discovers a crime scene. Another young girl, Katie Sackett, has been brutally murdered, her body dumped on the mountain. As Sarah approaches, Katie’s ghost makes an impassioned plea: Will Sarah find the man who killed her?

Riding away, Sarah finds herself involved in an interview with the local TV station, WSTB. That evening, the news anchor wraps up the murder segment by stating that Sarah is using her psychic abilities to discover the identity of the killer.

He’s beaten two girls to death. Now the news reveals that some busybody psychic is after him. There’s only one thing he can do about it, and he has to do it soon—find and kill the psychic.

A Review by MG Wells: “Jill Pritchett has crafted an amazing novel. Psychologically challenged, horse-loving rich lady with a heart of gold, Sarah Seere discovers a murdered girl, Katie, whose spirit appears to her and urges her to uncover the mystery of her brutal death.

“Obviously, a major nut job is on the loose, and Sarah sets on a mission to discover who murdered, Katie. The tale is riveting, rich in characters and description. I loved the colorful natural setting and related to Sarah, who’s unsure of her psychic/empathic gifts.

View From My Soul is a mesmerizing, suspenseful tale that weaves a bizarre web of deceit and murder. I had to force myself to breathe. Jill Pritchett masterfully executes an intriguing story, a variety of diverse and believable characters, a lovely natural setting as well as realistic, gritty dialogue. There were so many thrilling moments, I literally rolled off my bed a few times.

“A must read by a talented writer and artist who has a unique gift of weaving a mysterious, thrilling tale that is entertaining, intense and bizarre. View From My Soul is a story I’d LOVE to see as a film due to the lush settings and characterizations.”

A Review by Douglas Wickard: “The rich, colorful description of her Appalachian heritage, Chicory Hill, the barn, the house … especially SPOOFER the horse – it all captivated me. Even Scout, her wonderful dog companion!

“Jill has a brisk, confident style to her writing allowing me easy access to Sarah, her life, drama, conflict … and fun.

“There was a comfortable, cozy feel to this thriller, perhaps because I liked the protagonist so much. I enjoyed her friend Dody and their ongoing outings. Sarah, for the woman who has everything, is fighting her own demons as well, making her character believable and human. I felt for her.

“And, the killer, known from the beginning, always had that black cloud hovering, keeping the prose tense, the mood volatile. I knew the denouement would have a thrilling payoff. And, it did. Well done. I look forward to this writer’s next outing!”


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