Authors Showcase: A Case of Sour Grapes by Gae-Lynn Woods

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The Book: A Case of Sour Grapes

The Author: Gae-Lynn Woods

The Story: Wine, women, and song. What could possibly go wrong?

Meet Maxine Leverman, lover of expensive shoes, beautiful handbags, and her lingerie wearing ex-husband’s hush money. When she pleads her way into a job at family run Lost and Found Investigations, Maxine’s only goal is to gain the concealed carry license and PI skills she needs to find the man who attacked her, and then kill him. (Or maybe just put him in jail, that decision can wait.)

But when she secretly takes a missing husband case on her first day at the agency, she stumbles into a high-stakes game of blackmail and murder. Maxine must unravel the links between a forgotten folk punk band, an international drug cartel, and the tangled history of the missing husband to keep the women in his life alive.

Fans of the early Stephanie Plum novels and Stuart Woods’ Holly Barker series will love Maxine’s tenacity, grit, and lust for life.

About Gae-Lynn Woods:

Gae-Lynn Woods
Gae-Lynn Woods

Gae-Lynn Woods is a Texan who has traveled the world, lived overseas, and come back home. She and her husband, British jazz guitarist Martyn Popey, share a ranch in East Texas with a herd of Black Angus cattle, one very cranky donkey, and The Dude, a rescue kitty with attitude.

THE DEVIL OF LIGHT and AVENGERS OF BLOOD are the first two books in the Cass Elliot Crime Series. When she’s not playing the roadie, tending to cows, fixing fence, or digging post holes, Gae-Lynn is working on the third Cass Elliot novel and the first book in a series featuring Maxine Leverman, Cass’ best friend, who makes her debut in AVENGERS OF BLOOD.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

I have long admired the work of Gae-Lynn Woods. She lives in small town Texas. She writes about small town Texas. And she well understands that small towns hold more fascinating characters and intriguing secrets than large cities. When a crime occurs, it’s big news. It’s daily gossip. And by the end of the week, everyone in town is either a suspect, under suspicion, or has been convicted by the downtown Kiwanis Club.

One of my favorite characters in the crime/mystery genre is Cass Elliot, a no-nonsense police officer who has the tenacity of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and the determination of a bulldog that’s been wronged.

Somewhere in the pages of Avengers of Blood, a high-rolling best friend named Maxine Leverman suddenly walked on the scene and almost stole the book. She was such a great part of the story that Maxine, in the conscience of Gae-Lynn Woods, demanded her own novel, and she has one in A Case of Sour Grapes.

Maxine has been attacked by a man. She doesn’t want redemption, only revenge.

And she wonders: “How is the best way to track him down? What’s the best way to kill him?”

The answer is easy. She decides to become a Private Investigator, which allows her the opportunity to carry a gun.

Her motive is simple but not pure. Her lust for revenge is sidetracked, however, when she finds herself embroiled in a blackmail case.

The writing is taut, tough, and the stuff of poetry. Gae-Lynn’s words will drive a stake in the heart of any ciminal. And her understanding of human nature draws well-defined, believable characters that you would like to live in the same town you do.

Simply put, nobody writes about the foibles of small town crime as well or any better than Gae-Lynn Woods. She sets the standard, then lives up to it. Believe me, by the third chapter, Maxine is no longer fiction, and you’re riding in the car with her, wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into. Don’t worry. Just lean back and enjoy a wild ride.

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